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Best Bullet Journal Ideas 2022 (Thorough Guide)

    Best Bullet Journal Ideas 2021 (Thorough Guide)

    Image: Estée Janssens on Unsplash

    Writing Bullet Journal is a great hobby. In school, we were all told to make a Bullet Journal, but initially, I never bothered to do it. Because first, I am not an organized person. Secondly, i didn’t know how to write a journal.

    Also, my writing wasn’t that good (it’s still not very impressive though). In school, I was an active student who would take part in every game and event and I used to get tired after school. However, one day the book checking day teacher was impressed by one of my classmate’s notebooks and Ma’am showed it to everyone.

    Her book was as if she had all time to decorate the book and compete for her notebook. We were jealous and it amused us to see how she maintained her notebook so beautifully. Her writing was impeccable and there wasn’t a single homework that she missed.

    Later she told the class that she wrote a journal to remember her homework and she has a journal writing habit that’s why she has good handwriting practice. From then I was quite attracted to the idea of Bullet Journal writing, and I started writing journals in the same year.

    Writing journals doesn’t need many skills. You can play around with different- different Cute Bullet Journal ideas and It feels very calming to take everything out of your system.

    I forget birthdays, forget important dates of payments, and anniversaries all the time, maintaining a journal helps in recalling and good handwriting.

    Bullet Journal Ideas 2020

    Best Bullet Journal Ideas 2021 (Thorough Guide)

    Image: Estée Janssens on Unsplash

    First thing first, pretty journals need pretty supplies, right? Wrong, you can use your school watercolour to make those beautiful watercolour effects from your school paint, you don’t necessarily need new fancy ink pains. Always start small.

    Start making journals with the available supplies and you can start incorporating fancy supplies if you continue the writing habit. 

    To begin, all you need is at least one pen and a notebook. Yup, any notebook. Seriously. Most Bullet Journal or “bujo” enthusiasts prefer graph paper inside because you can get artsier with it. But any paper will work!

    Now set up your key, which is just a set of symbols that represent the different types of info you write down. You can also use signifiers like a star for important items. This makes dumping information from the brain to the page as fast as possible.

    Bullet Journal ideas for beginners

         ➤ Tasks

        ⁂  Notes, Facts, Ideas, Thoughts

        ○  Events

        <  Task Migrated

        >  Task Scheduled

        ✮  Important

        ✘ Task Complete

        ◘ Number your pages.

     I know this sounds boring but it’s really important to do. If you prefer, you can’t number them ten at a time. Then next time while writing a Bullet Journal, do what I did, and buy a notebook that’s already numbered.

    1. The first four pages are your index. 

    Title them “Index”. This is where the magic happens. Any time you add something to your Bullet Journal, you list it here and you’ll be able to find it again.

    2. The next four pages are your future log

    Aka, I don’t have to deal with this yet, but I will eventually like birthday planning. There are different layouts for this, but the original is pretty simple. Just take a ruler, divide the pages into thirds, and write out the months. OK, now remember the index? Yup, write “future log” there and what pages it’s on.

    3. Next is… well, whatever you want!

    For cute Bullet Journal ideas, you can search for doodles and draw in your notebook. If you decide to just stop and doodle on page 10, cool! Put page 9 in the index and come back when you’re ready. By the way, if you also want to doodle on page 24, no problem! Go to the index and add “, 24” in your Bullet Journal.

    Now you know where to doodle!

    4. Next month’s page! (Monthly Bullet Journal Ideas 2021)

    You can set this up however you want. A lot of people use a traditional calendar format, but I have calendar PTSD from all my planner failures of the past, so I like the list format the creator developed.

    Plus, it’s super fast. Write just the day of the month with the first letter of the day of the week. It’s so brilliantly minimalistic, I feel like I’m cheating. Now, this is where you write out your day’s schedule.

    5. Not a lot of space, is there? Maybe I should buy a bigger notebook?… Stop!!

    It’s good if space is limited. Because you know what else is limited? YOUR TIME

    But if you do need more space, you can use a different layout here. Now, on the opposite page is your to-do list for the month. You can see how busy your schedule is on the left, and how much you have to get done on the right. Which is the first step in going, “Hahahaha, maybe I’ve over-committed?” 

    Alright, next page, or whatever page you want, because you have an index, whaaat!

    Your daily log. Write the first letter of the day and the date and underline it.

    Weekly Bullet Journal Ideas

    • M 31st/1 2021
    • Call Mom
    • Yoga at 6
    • T 1st/2 2021
    • Call the plumber
    • haircut

    You can put events here, to-dos, notes, whatever you want. But keep them short and to the point. Then, on the opposite page, you can go into more detail if you want. That way your brain can look at what needs to be done without getting bogged down by details or feelings or whatever, but those details are still there if you need them.

    if to-do gets forgotten about. It gets moved around. It gets deleted. Or it gets done. That’s because the system includes a process called migration. Here’s how it works. When you start a new month, you look back at last month’s to-dos and decide for each of them. Don’t care about it anymore? Cross it out.

    Does it need to be done soon? Greater than symbol points to the right shows that you’re copying it into next month’s to-do list. Doesn’t need to be done for a while,

    when you have to hand-write a to-do over and over again, it makes you think about how important it is. And when you can’t find space for it, it makes you realize: you can’t dump 100 to-dos into it.

    Next month’s list and expect to be able to do that on top of everything else. This planner simplifies your life because it makes you see time as the limited resource it is.

    Bullet Journal Spread Ideas and Tips (Bullet Journal Key Ideas)

    Best Bullet Journal Ideas 2021 (Thorough Guide)

    Image: Estée Janssens on Unsplash

    1. Start with the Basics.

    It’s fun to create a whole elaborate system upfront, but it’s better to get into the habit of using it first.

    2. Design a key that works for you.

     I use an exclamation mark for an idea. Some people use a heart for a memory they don’t want to forget, but start with just a few until you’re comfortable with them.

    3. Add more tools as you go.

    Once you have a hang of the basic system and figure out what else you need, go ahead and include it.

    If you notice that you have a lot of notes that are books you’d like to read, transfer them to a collection or list. If you keep needing to put “floss your teeth” on your to-do list, consider starting a habit tracker.

    4. Keep it fast and easy to use.

    Remember that a system that works when we’re hyper-focusing on it, isn’t necessarily a system

    that works for everyday life.

    5. Mess it up.

    Decorate your Bullet Journal all you want. Go nuts! But remember… This is essentially a toolbox.

    If you spend so much time laying out your tools that you’re afraid to use them, they’re not going to do you much good. Forget about perfect. And if you can’t, do yourself a favour and mess it up NOW.

    6. Know where to find it.

    Decide on a consistent spot to keep it in, at home, at work, and whenever you’re on the go so that you can find it when you need it. You can also install “Find Your Bullet Journal” by taping a title to the front of it.

    7. Prepare to lose it.

    Take pictures or scan important pages into Evernote, just in case. Probably also don’t store your passwords here. Also might be a good idea to include your phone number and offer a reward for its return. Not your address. Unless you want your Bullet Journal hand-delivered at 3 a.m.

    8. Set a time for it.

    Decide when you’re going to check in with it: every night before bed, when you wake up in the morning,

    Specific points throughout the day. Bullet Journal also helps if you have something to check. So set up a time once a month to set up the next month and migrate your tasks. If you use a more advanced layout, once a week is good to set up the next week’s daily logs.

    9. Get inspired.

    YouTube, and especially Pinterest, are great places for Bullet Journal calendar ideas, but you can even just google “Bullet Journal images” or “Bullet Journal page ideas” and you will get a lot of inspiration there. The amount of creativity that goes into these things is incredible.

    10. Make it yours.

    Remember that not every cool Bullet Journal layout will be right for you. Some people get creative with their journals, but the original format is fast and simple, which is great when you don’t have the time or the patience for calligraphy.


    a. What is Bullet Journal?

    Designer Ryder Carroll created this amazing analog system. It’s an organizational system that helps in scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other categories into a single notebook.

    b. Do I need to buy fancy supplies for my Journal?

    No, you can start with a simple pen and notebook.

    c. How to make Bullet Journals pretty?

    You can simply do freestyle doodle and draw your favourite characters.

    d. How to keep a Journal secret?

    You can keep your journal in digital form and keep a password or you can keep your journal cover less obvious by not labelling it.

    e. Where to search for Bullet Journal ideas for beginners?

    You can find amazing ideas on Pinterest.


    Remember, the whole point of this system is that you can finally have a planner that is right for your Brain. Not someone else’s. Making a journal is fun and it also helps you to analyze your daily progress.

    Bullet Journals are amazing for 13year old girls as well because it’s a good memory to keep, plus it will give a full report analysis of your year’s progress. So irrespective of your age please do try and let us know in the comment section about your Bullet Journal spread ideas for this month.

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