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How To Take Care Of Different Types Of Lips

    How To Take Care Of Different Types Of Lips

    Your lips can look better no matter what shape they are, so take good care of them. In one article, we discussed how to highlight or balance your lips depending on the types of lips you have. Here’s the most important part- How To Take Care Of Your Lips? Take a look at a few things you can do to keep your lips in great shape.

    Quick Facts:
    • Studies have shown that women with large lips are often regarded as younger than their actual age.
    • Our upper lips thin out as we age
    • Study findings revealed that the top lip becomes longer and has fewer soft tissues.

    How To Take Care Of Your Lips (11 Tips)

    1. Keep Your Lips Hydrated

    You may have heard this countless times. Maintaining hydration of your lips (and your body), both internally and externally is essential, especially in cold and dry climates as it is a key to pretty lips.

    If you drink sufficient water, not only will your lips benefit, but so will your skin, hair, and your whole body. Your skin may become dry and shriveled if you do not drink enough water.

    Among the most effective lip moisturizers are vaseline, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera. 

    Your lips can be protected against sun exposure with these moisturizers. Before applying lipstick or lip tint, you can also use them as a primer on your lips.

    If you use flavored lip balm, you may want to avoid it, since flavor may encourage lip licking and cause more dryness.

    2. Know The Product Before Applying On Lips

    Look at the ingredients of your lip product if you use one commercially available. You can experience dry lips when you come in contact with certain substances, such as camphor or castor oil.

    There is also the possibility that you are allergic to one or more ingredients, including fragrances.

    3. Scrub/ Exfoliate Often

    Cracked or chapped lips can happen to anyone. Dry or cold weather may cause chapped or cracked lips, as can certain medications, excessive lip licking, or dehydration.

    In the same way that your skin accumulates dead skin cells, your lips may also appear dull and dry due to dead cells. Lips that appear chapped, dry, and darker are usually the result of dry skin that needs to be removed.

    Every night, put on a lip balm before you go to bed to avoid this. In the morning, gently brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove the dry flakes. (A toothbrush or soft object is the best way to exfoliate your lips.)

    Do not brush your lips too hard as this can damage them. It is important to spend time exfoliating your lips if you want bigger lips. Using this method will give your lips a fuller appearance.

    It’s no secret that lip scrubs have become increasingly popular. Don’t overdo it, just try it once a week, and then see how often it is necessary for your lips to shed dead skin cells.

    4. Don’t Wear Makeup Indoors & Always Remove Makeup

    For healthy lips, you need to let them breathe. The idea of smothering them in makeup all day long doesn’t seem right, does it?  Therefore, you should remove all makeup from your face before going to bed.

    Even if you’re tired, don’t sleep with makeup on your lips or skin. Generally, you can clean your lips using a damp cotton ball. Also, It is a good idea to moisturize your lips after you have cleaned them.

    Your lips tend to become dry after applying lipstick. Apply lipstick only if necessary. Before using lipstick, use a primer or a balm to prevent chapped lips.

    5. Apply Vitamin E On Your Lips

    Lips and skin need vitamin E to remain healthy. It boosts your blood circulation while generating new skin cells. Cut open Vitamin E capsules and rub them on your lips and skin every few days.

    6. Avoid Licking Your Lips

    You should stop licking or touching your lips immediately if you are inclined to do so. Lip licking may contribute to the discoloration of your lips. The enzymes in saliva may be too harsh on your lips, making them feel even drier.

    Keep your lips hydrated with a lip balm if you feel they are getting dry Since lips lack their own protection. 

    7. A healthy Diet is Important!

    Maintaining a healthy diet routine is essential to keeping your lips healthy and plump. You can directly observe the condition of your lips when you consume vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

    It is certain that your lips will bear the marks of an unhealthy diet. If you don’t get enough nutrition, your lips may also start appearing dull and dark.

    8. Don’t spend too much time in the sun

    You can experience chapped and dry lips due to UV rays. Your bottom lip is exposed to the sun a lot, and that’s when skin cancer tends to occur. For this reason, using SPF 15 containing products is extremely important when you are outside during the day.

    Maintaining your lips hydrated is not only good for SPF but also a good idea all around. Moisturizing them will make them appear plumperProtection and Moisturization!

    9. Give Your Lips a Massage!

    It is possible to improve blood circulation in your lips by massaging them with some nourishing oils for about 5 minutes every day. Vitamin E can be used to massage your lips so you might want to use oils containing Vitamin E.

    10. Lip balm is always a good idea!

    Carrying lip balm in your bag is a good idea since you cannot predict when your lips might start to dry out. Choose a lip balm that contains antioxidants and vitamin C. Your lips will benefit and get nourished from both of these ingredients.

    11. Embrace Aloe Vera’s Moisturizing Properties!

    The hydrating, soothing, and healing properties of aloe vera help you take care of your lips better. Aloe vera gel can be extracted from the plant directly or be bought as a tube product.

    Aloe vera helps to protect the skin and keep it moisturised by keeping wrinkles at bay and prevent early aging. 

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