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What is Facial Cupping? Benefits, Risks and DIY

    What is Facial Cupping? Benefits, Risks and DIY

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    The practice of cupping dates back to Ancient Egypt. This non-invasive holistic cupping treatment has been gaining popularity recently among athletes, celebrities and models!

    There are several pictures online of backs covered in bruises that are blue-black and circular.

    It shouldn’t scare or intimidate you! You won’t get your face carved up like that with cupping! The effects of facial cupping are much milder than those of body cupping.

    The health and wellness community is not unfamiliar with this form of healing. You can benefit from facial cupping to achieve healthy, glowing skin

    What exactly is facial cupping? What are the benefits of cupping and how does it work? Interested in finding out more? Keep scrolling.

    What Is Facial Cupping?

    Cupping is not an entirely new phenomenon. Practised for centuries, eastern medicine encompasses the practice.

    In recent years, however, awareness of cupping and its popularity has grown significantly.

    Facial cupping is an alternative therapy that uses cups to create local suction on the skin. Using a facial cup (generally made from silicone), negative pressure is applied to your skin, which separates your 7 layers.

    The procedure can be done on the face or on the body. Many of the benefits of face cupping include pain relief, inflammation relief, and improved blood circulation.

    It also increases collagen production by stimulating facial skin cells. Despite the simplicity of the technique, the results are astounding!

    How Does It Work?

    First of all, your face will be cleansed to determine your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, suffer from hormonal acne or hyperpigmentation, your skin will be detoxified and cleansed again using some products like CBD oil which will help calm your skin. Then, the size of the cups are tested to make sure you don’t have a horrible reaction.  

    What are the Mechanics Behind Facial Cupping?

    Cupping works by creating a suction effect by sucking blood into an area under the cup.

    As a result, the surrounding tissue is saturated with fresh blood, promoting the growth of new blood vessels.

    Your skin’s different layers are also separated by this suction effect.

    In turn, this generates microtrauma and tearing, triggering an inflammatory response that will cause white blood cells, platelets, along other healing agents to flood the area.

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    What is the Difference Between Facial Cupping and Body Cupping?

    Although both restorative methods are based on similar principles, they differ in their execution. Facial cups are soft and small.

    Using these skin is typically pulled slowly and gently while they separate it from the deeper fascia layer. The result is that no cup marks or bruises will appear on the skin.

    Some users have reported some redness following use, but it disappears within minutes.

    Contrary to facial cupping, there is body cupping. The primary use of this is to alleviate and reduce pain in certain areas of the body.

    Cup marks and bruising almost always accompany body cupping, unlike facial cupping.

    These marks will fade only after your lymphatic system has flushed out cellular waste build-up.

    Is it Safe to Use?

    It is possible for minor side effects to occur with most products and treatments.

    You may experience nausea, lightheadedness, and cold sweats.

    If you have broken or inflamed skin, this treatment is not for you.

    Benefits Of Facial Cupping

    • Relieve muscle tension
    • Increase collagen production through stimulation of collagen-producing cells
    • Enhances facial tissue strength
    • Boost your face’s blood and oxygen circulation
    • Beautifies and brightens your skin
    • Puffiness is reduced
    • Treats and prevents acne
    • Enhances skin’s elasticity
    • Hyperpigmentation can be reduced 
    • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
    • Helps reduce acne scars
    • Tones your face, jawline, chin, neck and lifts your skin.

    You should seek the help of a professional when it comes to facial cupping, as they know the correct technique to do it.

    However, DIY facial cupping kits are available for you to use at home.

    DIY At-Home Facial Cupping

    Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser before starting facial cupping. After that, apply any essential oil of your liking to your face. 

    Spread it gently over your face and neck to ensure it is evenly distributed. Here are the steps you need to take next:

    • Make a vacuum by holding the suction cup against your face and gently pressing it.
    • As soon as you feel pull on your skin, gently glide it up towards your ears from the center of your face.
    • You should always glide the cup outwards from the center of your face.
    • You can massage your eyebrows and nose using the smaller cups included in the kit. Your forehead, jaw, and cheeks can be massaged with the larger ones.
    • Keep it up for 5-10 minutes.

    It is recommended to do this at least 2-3 times per week for maximum effect.

    Aftercare For Facial Cupping

    Ensure that you drink plenty of water to clear out the excess water, fats, and toxins. Limit your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and salt.

    Your skin will radiate more beautifully after a facial cupping treatment. In any case, if this is your first time trying it, you should consult a professional.

    Practising on your arms and legs is a good way to figure out exactly how much pressure you need to apply before going on the face.

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