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8 Best Ways To Get Curly Hair Overnight Without Heat!

    8 Best Ways To Get Curly Hair Overnight With No Heat!

    Whether you want to incorporate some natural waves into your style or avoid excessive heat on your hair, braiding overnight is a great way to minimise damage without sacrificing your style.

    With a few easy tricks, you can get extra volume and texture without using heat. 

    Having straight hair all the time can be a bore, so naturally, you yearn for curls and waves. Listed below are a few methods that can assist you to get curly hair overnight.

    With these methods, you will not only be able to rock a stunning look, but you will also minimize damage to your hair!

    There is no need to worry about overstressing your tresses with these techniques you will only get the bounce you desire. Read on to discover the secret to getting curly hair overnight.

    1. Braids

    You can create overnight waves by braiding your still-wet hair when you get out of the shower.

    For best results, wash your hair just before you begin. A styling pomade or leave-in conditioner can help you achieve this look.

    Make three sections in your hair. Overlap the left section over the center section, then the right, and repeat until the end is reached. Tie it to secure.

    You will get large and loose waves by braiding your hair overnight.

    Nevertheless, you can experiment with braids to get different results. Typically, the tighter and smaller the braids, the more bounce you’ll get.

    In the morning, you can separate the curls by taking your braids out of the braids and brushing them with a wide brush or comb.

    2. Pin the curls

    A pin curl adds style and body almost instantly. All these methods eliminate blow-drying requirements which may damage strands while giving you curly hair overnight. 

    To keep your hair in place, you will need bobby pins or clips.

    The bobby pins are preferable and recommended because you won’t have trouble sleeping with your head on your pillow since they won’t pop open.

    You should section your hair into no larger sections than the width of a pencil.

    Using your finger, make each part fold over on itself. Secure the curl with a pin by pressing it against your head.

    You’ll be delighted with the result when you wake up and remove each pin. 

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    3. Bantu Knots

    Keeping your hair elongated and defined is possible with Bantu knots.

    Eight to ten knots depending on density are sufficient, and there is no need for perfection. Use a setting product to prepare your hair.

    After that, use a wide-toothed comb to create small or large sections within your hair, depending on its length.

    Wrap each section tightly from root to tip, then the twists will form a taut coil that will not easily slip at the base.

    Make sure each knot is secured with a bobby pin. Once you’re up the next day, unravel the knots and give your curls a shake and done.

    4. Using a Straw

    Does getting ringlets really require you to buy rollers?

    It’s finally the time to use that stash of straws that you have lying around the house. To prepare your straws, cut them into 1-inch sections.

    A small portion of hair should be wrapped around each one as if it were a roller.

    You can secure the tubes in place using bobby pins, just like you would with a traditional roller.

    5. Grab Some Old Clothes

    Is it uncomfortable to sleep with bobby pins all over your head? People are sensitive to different things, after all.

    Make new use of old T-shirts or socks you would have otherwise thrown away.

    Make thin strips of fabric and roll fine hair around them. Despite its strangeness, it actually works. 

    You may not be able to use this method with thick hair, but with a little practice, you can use it with paper towel rolls or straws.

    A friend might need to help you tie the knot since everything needs to be secured in place while you tie the knot. 

    6. A Messy Bun 

    The lazy girl mindset works perfectly if you only want your tresses gently tousled.

    Use your scrunchy to make waves instead of wearing it as an accessory on your wrist.

    Following a shower, you merely need to tie your damp hair up in a ponytail. 

    The final loop should be pulled only halfway through, creating a quick bun. Even before you free your locks, you’ll look stylish enough.

    7. Spiral curls

    Buns are perfect if you like tighter curls! Whether you sleep in small hair rollers overnight or tie your hair up into buns, spiral curls are adorable and you can achieve them easily. 

    Buns tend to make hair curlier in general, and the more buns you have, the curlier your hair will be.

    If you section your mane and twist it into a couple of bigger buns, waves will be created rather than spiral curls. Get your beauty sleep after you’ve secured the grips.

    8. Flexi-rods

    Flexi-rods are an excellent investment for those with extra money. As an alternative to plastic, these are made of squishy foam, which is comfortable for sleeping. Ahh. 

    The magical devices should be used just as you would rollers, then twist into place to secure them.

    Bobby pins aren’t necessary, which means you won’t have to worry about one jabbing your skull in the middle of the night.

    How to maintain and keep hair curly?

    You don’t want to lose your waves and curls after you shake out your hair after sleeping in a bun or braid.

    So, what is the best way to maintain the curl? 

    We recommend using a lightweight hairspray in your hair to maintain the structure of your braids. 

    In case your waves become limp during the day, you can top up with the hairspray.

    Also, brush your hair only as few times as possible to prevent your curls from flattening! 

    Whether you are going for curly hair overnight, tight curls or loose curls, now you know how to achieve various types of curls depending on the look you want. 

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