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How to Get Natural Freckles or Fake Them Easily

    How to Get Natural Freckles or Fake Them Easily

    Genetics and skin type can influence the likelihood of developing freckles, so some people will develop more freckles than others. Those who are genetically inclined to develop freckles may see them appear more easily after exposure to sunlight.

    Children often have freckles, which may disappear or become less prominent with age.

    “Those tiny, harmless marks on the skin are called freckles. Sun exposure and genetics are the two major factors responsible for freckles”

    In this article, we look at what causes freckles, how to get natural freckles and using makeup to achieve natural-looking freckles.

    What are freckles?

    A freckle is a type of sunspot. Inflammation caused by UV radiation can lead to extra pigments, or melanin, in your skin.

    Sun exposure can also manifest differently depending on person to person: Sometimes it leaves freckles; sometimes it causes hyperpigmentation.

    Despite the fact that freckles are caused by the sun, they only appear on those who have been genetically predisposed to develop freckles. Freckles can develop on either fair or dark-skinned individuals, It does not depend on skin tone. 

    What Causes Freckles?

    Skin pigmentation irregularities cause freckles, which are an inherited trait. The pigment melanin is concentrated under a spot of skin, causing freckles to appear. The majority of freckles on the skin are small and inherently harmless.

    Typically, they appear on areas exposed to sunlight, such as your face, and these are probably what you’re seeking. Colors may also vary from tan to brown to black, yellow to red.

    After sunlight exposure decreases, regular freckles fade, while sunburn freckles remain.

    Is Sun Exposure Necessary For Natural Freckles?

    Yes, natural freckles can only be obtained through sun exposure. Although a person’s genes are key to whether the freckles are naturally present, they must get some sun exposure for them to appear. 

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    How to get natural freckles (or natural-looking freckles)?

    Not everyone can have freckles naturally but what if you want to experience them regardless? Following are the two ways to get freckles naturally and artistically!

    1. Getting Freckles by Creating a Sun-Kissed Look

    Choose a product

    • Using your favorite eyebrow pencil can help you achieve a natural-looking freckled look. 
    • You can create a smattering effect with it simply by drawing it. 
    • The shade you choose for your eyebrows should be one or two shades darker than your skin tone.
    • Be sure your makeup is done before you start making freckle smudges.
    • While choosing your foundation, opt for a natural glowing style.

    Do The Dots

    • Random placement of freckles will give them a more natural appearance.
    • You might want to put some dots on your face in the areas where the sun hits most often.
    • Face bones, forehead, and nose should be in focus.
    • Do not oversaturate these dots and diffuse them outward.

    Time to blend

    • The freckles are not all alike. Blend the pencil-drawn dots to obtain an impressive result. 
    • Blur them onto your skin using your fingertips. 
    • You can reapply the pencil anywhere you want to emphasize the sun-kissed spots. 
    • Makeup brushes are also an option so you can adjust your flare easily.

    Pro Tips:

    • If you want your freckles to last longer, use translucent powder after you do the dots.
    • Hydration is the key for skin. If your skin is healthy, any makeup you wear will look very natural on your face. Also,It will be easier for these drawn spots to sit on healthy and moisturized skin.
    • When you apply your fake freckles, you can dust or bronze your face. It will make the tan blend more seamlessly.

    2. Getting Freckles Naturally

    The Genetics

    There are several factors that influence whether or not you will have natural freckles. Genetics plays a crucial role. When we think of freckles, the first person who comes to mind is usually someone with red hair. However, it is important to note that people without red hair may also have freckles.

    Spend a little time in the sun

    UV light causes freckles to pop out. Spending some time in bright sunlight might bring out your freckles if you have natural freckles. However, avoid staying out too long because you could get a burn. With sunscreen that has an SPF of up to 30, you can tan while still protecting your skin.

    The thickening of your skin, caused by exposure to UV rays, results in cells in your body producing more pigment. This darkens your freckles, causing them to be more visible.

    For an alternative to sunbathing, visit a tanning salon to expose yourself to UV rays.

    Set a limit on your tanning

    Although UV rays are helpful if you want freckles to form, they can also have some dangerous side effects. The salon will recommend how much time you should spend tanning because tanning too much can cause skin cancer.


    No matter if you have natural freckles or prefer to have the appearance of natural freckles, the result is within your reach. Your appearance is fully under your control. By following the basic rules of a beauty lifestyle, you are always able to achieve an awesome aura and a beautiful life.

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