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Top 11 Makeup Tips For Almond-shaped Eyes

    Top 11 Makeup Tips For Almond-shaped Eyes

    There is a special power that makeup has when it comes to enhancing natural beauty. Take advantage of this when getting all glammed up and embrace unique features like your eye shape. 

    If you want to maximize the effects of your eye makeup, it’s important to know what shape your eyes are. There are not many people on earth who are blessed with almond-shaped eyes, but if you are, well, you are really fortunate! 

    First of all, what an almond-shaped eye is? 

    There is a visible crease in your eyelid that indicates you have almond-shaped eyes. Furthermore, you know you have almond-shaped eyes if your iris touches both the top and bottom of your eyelid.

    I highly recommend you give your eyes some thought in regards to eyeshadow placement if you’ve never done it before. When done correctly, eye makeup can give you a more awake appearance while enhancing your overall features.

    Almond eyes makeup is extremely easy to do since they’re oval and narrow with pointed ends. The symmetry of this eye shape makes it easy to wear various looks.

    In a lot of ways, our whole look is held together by our eye makeup. While getting ready for an outing, you should not overlook something so important as your eye makeup. Here are some makeup tips to enhance almond eyes!

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    11 Best Make Up Tips & Tricks for Almond Eyes

    1. Put a lighter color on your bottom waterline

    You can enhance the shape of your eye by applying black eyeliner to your upper lids and lighter eyeliner under your bottom lashes to create dimension.

    This is a subtle change that has the ability to enhance the color of the eye.  You might consider using a lighter eyeliner on the waterline than on the top if you have almond-shaped eyes, as this will prevent the eyes from looking small.

    2. Use thicker eyeliner in the middle

    It’s just a matter of individual preference, but there are some people with almond-shaped eyes who prefer to exaggerate the shape, and there are those who like to fake the appearance of round eyes.

    To achieve this, you will need to make the thickest part of your lash line be located at the center of your top lid. Essentially, by doing this you draw a rounded curve around the line and make it look more rounded.

    3. Curl your lashes

    There’s nothing complicated about it, but it’s so easy to forget. Just squeeze your lashes a little bit for a few seconds with your lash curler.

    Be sure to select a curler that has a shallow arc and a wider opening, so that the lashes on each side will receive the same amount of curl.

    You can then apply mascara, and as you watch how broad and open your eyes appear, you will feel awestruck.

    It is important to make sure that your curler is used before mascara, not after. Otherwise, you may end up pulling out some lashes by mistake.

    4. Use an Eye-Popping Liner

    If you apply darker eyeliner shades, you will often find that your eyes will seem smaller. Using a nude eyeliner, on the other hand, gives the illusion of a bigger eye. Also, A brighter shade also makes the eyes stand out but won’t make them smaller. If you just fill in the waterline or add a small wing, you’re good to go. Make it even better by applying a matching shadow or using the same liner to make a cut crease.

    5. Try ombre smoky eyes 

    Using this little twist, you can make any eye shape look magnificent, so of course it works with almond eyes as well.

    It’s just a matter of grabbing a soft, smudge-able eyeliner and creating a line right at your lash line, then taking a clean brush (or your fingers), blending the color across the entire eyelid. Keep repeating until it’s smoky enough.

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    6. Use just one color on the lids

    There is sometimes a benefit to having less dimension when you have almond-shaped eyes. Isn’t that odd?

    In order to make the almond shape more noticeable, you can apply eyeshadow with one base shade that will look particularly pretty-you can even go one step further and create a wing shape with eyeshadow.

    7. Don’t forget the cat-eye

    To achieve various looks depending on the eye shape, we will need certain targeted techniques.

    For a cat-eye look that is both sharp and defined, you must draw from the outer corner and work your way inwards. Get that line even and bring it forward inside your eye.

    Once the flick has been painted on, you can then apply the same line right above the lash line. Because almond eyes already have the outer corners lifted a bit already, it eases the process a bit.

    8. Highlight/ Emphasize the inner corners

    A classic that will never go out of style. Adding a little highlight to the inner corner of an almond shape will brighten it and make it look wider.

    The highlighter can either be applied straight away with your fingertip or you can brush on a shimmery, light shadow with your brush.

    9. Keep the end of your brows light

    The possibilities of how to make your eyes pop goes beyond simply using eye makeup hacks.

    It is also important to groom your eyebrows to make sure that brows are as neat as possible as heavy brows can make the eyes seem smaller.

    Whenever you are doing almond eye make-up, make sure you go light on the outer part of the brow after the arch so as to bring more brightness to this eye shape. Makes the eye look bigger!

    10. The Winged Shadow Effect For Almond Eyes

    It’s all about enhancing the natural appearance of your eye shape. Enhance your almond-shaped eyes by applying a dark shade to the outer half of the eye and smudging it in the direction of the temple, beyond the lash line.

    You can try applying this tip by using a smoky eyeshadow shade that has more of a charcoal tone to it.

    11. Use the Right Brushes 

    There is no doubt that your collection of blushes is as important (if not more) as your makeup. Having the correct brushes can help you get the best result whether it is blending or making a flawless winged eyeliner.


    When it comes to applying eye makeup to your eyes like a pro, it will be super helpful if you are aware of your own eye shape.

    I would recommend you bookmark these tips for the next time you want to bring attention to your almond eyes. There are quite a few tips here that, although pretty minimal in nature, add a little extra vibrance to your overall style.

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