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Microblading Healing Process: Day By Day

    Microblading Healing Process: Day By Day

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    If you guys grew up in the 90s or maybe 80s in an Asian family, you probably grew up with parents, aunties, and uncles that have their eyebrows tattooed.

    We have all seen those brows that are like blueish-green. It just does not look natural, and it looks like you literally just took a sharpie to draw your brows.

    Microblading is kind of like the updated version of that. Microblading is basically getting your eyebrows tattooed but in a different way.

    When you get a tattoo, it’s done with a tattoo gun and it’s almost impossible to be able to do nice feathery strokes that actually look like eyebrow hair. Tattooing does not look as natural because you can’t do those soft feathery strokes.

    In addition, a tattoo goes deep into your skin versus Microblading; it’s only on the surface of your skin. It is semi-permanent and only lasts about one to two years versus if you got your eyebrows tattooed it would last anywhere between eight to ten years or maybe forever.

    The Microblading Procedure

    microblading healing process after touch up

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    Here are the steps for a professional Microblading eyebrow service. The steps include measuring, stenciling (with the Precise Stencils), waxing, trimming, tweezing, numbing, and Microblading with the unique High-res Microblade tool.

    1. The brow area is prepared for treatment by threading the hairs, cleaning up the area and preparing it.
    2. Your brows will get numbed with topical lidocaine numbing for about 20 to 25 minutes.
    3. Color swatches will be shown to you and you’ll discuss together the best shade to achieve your desired look.
    4. Meanwhile, you will be given a medical history form, tattoo consent form, and photo consent form to fill out. (The artist may ask you for additional information if required.)
    5. Then, After cleaning the procedure area, the artist will map out the shape by outlining symmetric eyebrows.
    6. The area around the eyebrows will be measured using some tools, after which the artist will take into account the shape, symmetry, and features of your face.
    7. The artist will begin the needling process (Microblading Process), implanting pigment by lightly feather stroking the needle. Strokes create shallow lines in the skin where color pigment permeates and settles.
    8. There might still be a little discomfort at this stage, so they will apply another quick layer of numbing cream that will take effect in about 5 minutes.
    9. Lastly, A final layer of pigment will be applied that stays on for 5 minutes, following with cleaning, done – gorgeous brows!
    10. Following the initial treatment, a top-up session will be required to fill in any gaps where the pigment did not take or heal.

    How much time does Microblading Procedure take?

    • 20 minutes in the beginning
    • Mapping everything out takes about 10 to 15 minutes
    • Initial Microblading takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
    • In a nutshell, Microblading Procedure takes approximately One Hour in total.
    • But the Microblading Healing Process takes about 4-5 weeks.

    What to expect during the Microblading Healing Process

    Your brows will typically feel a little sore for an hour to two hours after the procedure.

    By day four, five, six, and seven you’ll experience a little flakiness as well as a little patchiness, and your brows will start lightening up. It gets lighter by fifty to sixty per cent lighter than the original colour.

    After 4 weeks, brows get healed completely and are ready.

    If this is your first time Microblading your eyebrows, the below-given procedure will help you as a guide for the typical Microblading Aftercare.

    But you must make sure to speak with your Artist about any concerns that you may have for Microblading Healing Process Aftercare.

    Microblading Aftercare (Immediate)

    Day 1

    There will be swelling and sensitivity in your eyebrows just after the microblading process. The color appears dark as well.

    Following the procedure, use a cotton pad and just a drop of sterile water to blot the lymph from the area. You should repeat this 3-4 times.

    Avoid Intensive work that causes sweat of any kind. Sweating will cause the ink to be pushed out and it will fade even before the Microblading healing process starts. 

    Avoid the gym for about a week.

    Day 2 – 5 

    You can use antibacterial soap or sterile water to clean your eyebrows (as directed by your microblading artist).

    If you have lymphatic build-up in the area, repeat this 2-4 times each day. Hands should be clean and very gentle.

    You can apply an ointment after cleaning your brows if advised. Don’t overdo it – your eyebrows should not look greasy.

    Day 6 – 10

    The scabbing stage usually starts after the 5th day.

    Allow the scabs to fall off naturally. Touching them could ruin your microblading.

    Performing your aftercare routine – washing gently, drying, and moisturizing as necessary. Any unusual condition, such as heavy scabbing or irritation, should be reported to your artist.

    Day 11 – 15

    The ointment need not be applied any longer.

    Your routine can be resumed from the 15th day. Wash your face as you normally do. Makeup can also be applied to your face if you need to.

    Day by day Microblading healing process

    microblading healing process day by day images

    Image: Instagram

    Day 1

    There is probably no day that is more exciting than the first in the entire process. It’s time to show everyone your new eyebrows.

    It is perfectly normal for the eyebrows to appear darker and denser at the beginning, and for some redness to appear. Using a lot of products to fill them while putting on your makeup might seem a bit over the top, but that is normal.

    There will be a 20%-40% fade in the pigment, so they won’t appear as dense and strong as they do now. You will still enjoy your new eyebrows, however, even if they fade a little bit.

    It is not uncommon to experience some bleeding. Bleeding is a perfectly normal part of the microblading healing process.

    What to do:

    • On day one after the Microblading Process, just apply ointment cream or the cream your Artist has prescribed. Apply the cream as Directed.
    • Avoid going to the gym or doing any intensive work to avoid sweat.
    • Don’t rinse your face with water and don’t let water touch the eyebrow area or the area surrounding it.

    Day 2

    You will also experience some redness on day two, as well as a slight darkening of your eyebrows.

    Many people are extremely self-conscious about the way their eyebrows look after the procedure. The chances are low that people around you will even notice that they are darker than usual. Don’t panic, you’re probably very self-conscious about them.

    The 2nd day is pretty straightforward – the redness will be there, and thick, hard scabs will not develop yet. You will see every hair stroke created in the microbladed eyebrows, so you can probably expect to like their appearance.

    What to do:

    • Don’t rub or pull your eyebrow at this stage and also apply the prescribed cream gently with a Q-Tip.
    • Make sure you just push the cream gently on your eyebrow. Because you don’t want to pull out any pigment.

    Day 3-4

    Days 3 and 4 will not bring any major developments.

    The redness, pain, and tenderness are subsiding and you’re still satisfied with their appearance. Nonetheless, the eyebrows are certain to start becoming thicker as they get darker.

    However, you will notice getting dry, scabbing, and a little itchy but don’t scratch.

    Now that you’ve got permanent makeup, you will wake up feeling satisfied that you don’t have to spend hours drawing them on your face.

    What to do:

    • Peeling or picking can damage your skin.
    • Keep your skin hydrated with the prescribed cream.

    Day 5

    Everything begins to change at this point.

    Typically, you will start feeling itching by day 5, so it is absolutely imperative that you do not scratch them. You might have an open wound, and if you scratch it, you might make matters worse.

    The scabbling will also conceal all those hair strokes under a thick layer. It’s at this point that people tend to freak out.

    There’s no need to be concerned – your face has a wound, and it’s attempting to heal. Scabs may be more comfortable for you if you’ve had previous tattoos since they are perfectly normal.

    Also on this day, your eyebrows will start to look unflattering to you.

    By this day you can apply makeup but make sure you avoid the eyebrow area.

    Day 6-10

    Throughout the healing process of microblading, you will find yourself riding an emotional rollercoaster. It is surely a good sign when your brow scabs start falling off on their own.

    Sadly, you will also notice that the color of your eyebrows has changed, sometimes becoming gray or even missing in some spots.

    During this time you might think it’s time to contact your brow artist, but don’t fret. The microblading healing process day by day takes place with this normal reaction.

    Day 11-13

    From this day you will start noticing scabs cracking and some of them popping out. The scabs will begin to flake and fall off more, and it will take 7 to 8 days to heal completely.  You can start washing your face with some water and some gentle cleanser. Because it starts feeling very crusty and dry around the eyebrow area.

    Day 14-22

    The microblading healing process is approaching its end at this time! Your brows will be looking better than ever once the scabs have disappeared and the color has returned!

    The people around you notice your eyebrows as they look so natural. They don’t know they’re microbladed as they are completely undetectable. Your eyebrows will also be completely waterproof at this point, and you can begin a light makeup routine.

    Day 23-30

    Congratulations! We are done with the healing process. You have completely healed your eyebrows and the color is beautiful. Your skin will heal completely.

    You shouldn’t feel any discomfort or pain. There is certainly cause for celebration if your brows look soft and totally natural.

    You may also want to look at what you want to add or modify, before the final week of healing. If you notice that some pigment has not penetrated your skin, it is not a reason to panic. You’ll have plenty of time to fix that at your next appointment.

    Even though microblading healing day by day process may seem dull and emotionally draining at times, its overall outcome should be worth the wait.

    If you are planning to book a follow-up after your initial procedure, make sure to schedule it a month and a half or two after the procedure. Then you will be in the clear!

    The most important stage is scabbing stage because you have to resist peeling or itching. You may have to visit your Artist for Microblading healing process for a touch-up or consultation. They will guide you best if you are going through any issue regarding the Procedure. Make sure you take good care of Microblading touch-up healing process day by day because that is also as crucial as the Microblading healing process itself.

    Check out Erika Moulton’s Entire Microblading Healing Process Day by Day

    How much Microblading Costs?

    It costs around $600- $1500 depending on the region and the artist.

    Caution before you go for Microblading

    • If you have oily skin, more likely, you will lose colour easily. After a few months, you’re more likely to get a blurry appearance instead of sharp strokes. Because the oil in your skin is just blurring the lines. It will not only fade really fast but also it’s a waste of money. With oily skin in six months, you’ll probably start having patchiness.
    • If you’re Anemic, meaning low on blood and low iron levels. Check with your professional first what type of ink they are using. Because after the Microblading healing process ironed base ink may turn into an ashy blue on your skin.
    • Micro-blading is semi-permanent and you will need to visit your Artist every three years. Regular Microblading eyebrows healing process on the skin may damage it in the long run.
    • Microblading fades in patches, which means after a year you will again have to refill patches with makeup.

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