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Microblading Healing Process: Day By Day

Microblading Healing Process: Day By Day

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If you guys grew up in the 90s or maybe 80s in an Asian family, you probably grew up with parents, aunties, and uncles that have their eyebrows tattooed.

We have all seen those brows that are like blueish-green. It just does not look natural, and it looks like you literally just took a sharpie to draw your brows.

Microblading is kind of like the updated version of that. Microblading is basically getting your eyebrows tattooed but in a different way.

When you get a tattoo, it’s done with a tattoo gun and it’s almost impossible to be able to do nice feathery strokes that actually look like eyebrow hair. Tattooing does not look as natural because you can’t do those soft feathery strokes.

In addition, a tattoo goes deep into your skin versus Microblading; it’s only on the surface of your skin. It is semi-permanent and only lasts about one to two years versus if you got your eyebrows tattooed it would last anywhere between eight to ten years or maybe forever.

The Microblading Procedure

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Here are the steps for a professional Microblading eyebrow service. The steps include measuring, stenciling (with the Précis Stencils), waxing, trimming, tweezing, numbing, and Microblading with the unique Heiress Microblade tool.

  1. First, the client gets numb with topical lidocaine for about 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. After cleaning Artist will map out the shape by outlining symmetric eyebrows.
  3. The next is a Microblading process from front to all the way back.
  4. If required they again apply a numbing cream to help the tingling pain and after that fill the area with ink.
  5. In this process a little to no blood is okay.

How much time does Microblading Procedure take?

  • 20 minutes in the beginning 
  • Mapping everything out takes about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Initial Microblading takes about 20 to 30 minutes. This Microblading Procedure takes One Hour in total
  • Microblading healing process takes 4 weeks 

How much Microblading Costs?

It costs around $600- $1500.

How to take care of your brows in Microblading Healing Process?

  • Avoid Intensive work that causes sweat of any kind and the pressure from the showerheads. Sweating will cause pushing out the ink and it will fade before the Microblading healing process starts.
  • Cleanse your skin around the area and avoid the gym for about a week.

What to expect during the Microblading Healing Process

Your brows will typically feel a little sore for an hour to two hours after the procedure by day four, five, six, and seven you’ll experience a little flakiness as well as a little patchiness, and your brows will start lightening up. It gets lighter by fifty to sixty percent lighter than the original colour. After four weeks, brows get healed completely and ready for micro pick again.

If this is your first time Microblading your eyebrows, the below-given procedure will help you as a guide for the typical Microblading process. But you must make sure to speak with your Artist about any concerns that you may have. They can explain what will happen after your skin heals as your skin heals, along with tips for the Microblading Healing Process aftercare.

Day by day Microblading healing process

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Day one

Just apply ointment cream or the cream your Artist has prescribed. Apply the cream as Directed. Avoid going to the gym or doing any intensive work to avoid sweat.on day one, there must be some redness and mild swelling, but that’s normal. Don’t rinse your face with water and don’t let water touch the eyebrow area or the area surrounding it.

Day Two

Don’t rub or pull your eyebrow at this stage and also apply the prescribed cream gently with a Q-Tip. Make sure you just push the cream gently on your eyebrow. Because you don’t want to pull out any pigment.

Day Three

You will notice getting dry, scabbing, and a little itchy but don’t scratch. Peeling or picking can damage your skin. Keep your skin hydrated with prescribed cream. You may notice deep purple and blue circles around your eyes.

Day Five

By the Fifth day you can apply makeup but make sure you avoid the eyebrow area. You may also notice the colour fading a bit.

Day Nine 

You may start getting skin bubbling a little and flaky skin.

Day Ten 

The Scabbing Microblading healing process starts and you will see absolute scabbing.

Day Eleven

You can start washing your face with some water and some gentle cleanser. Because it starts feeling very crusty and dry around the eyebrow area.

Day Twelve

From this day you will start noticing scab cracking and some of them popping out. The scabs will begin to flake and fall off, and it will take 7 to 8 days to heal completely.  

Day Thirty

Your skin will heal completely. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort or pain. Your eyebrows should also look full and soft.

The most important stage is Microblading healing process scabbing. Because you have to resist peeling or itching. You will have to visit your Artist for Microblading healing process after a touch-up. They will guide you best if you are going through any issue regarding the Procedure. Make sure you take good care of Microblading touch-up healing process day by day because that is also as crucial as the Microblading heal process.

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Caution before you go for Microblading

  • If you have oily skin, more likely, you will lose colour easily. After a few months, you’re more likely to get a blurry appearance instead of sharp strokes. Because the oil in your skin is just blurring the lines. It will not only fade really fast but also it’s a waste of money. With oily skin in six months, you’ll probably start having patchiness.
  • If you’re Anemic, meaning low on blood and low iron levels. Check with your professional first what type of ink they are using. Because after the Microblading healing process ironed base ink may turn into an ashy blue on your skin.
  • Micro-blading is semi-permanent and you will need to visit your Artist every three years. Regular Microblading eyebrows healing process on the skin may damage it in the long run.
  • Microblading fades in patches, which means after a year you will again have to refill patches with makeup.

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