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Top 7 Pay As You Go Websites in 2022

    Top 7 Pay As You Go Websites in 2021

    It’s a money-saving blog, so be sure to read it carefully. Let’s discuss how times have changed with pay-as-you-go, it’s not just limited to mobile phones, Pay as you go lifestyle can be beneficial and save you a lot of money. 

    A few years ago when I used to work in a mobile phone shop, Pay As You Go was not the money-saving option. Because it was like a contract thing where you had to pay a yearly subscription fee for predetermined packages.

    In case you change your mind after six months for any reason whatsoever, there was no refund provided. But when Tesco Mobile entered the market they did an amazing thing and they’ve kind of turned around the whole perception of pay-as-you-go and have proved that it does save you money. 

    Now for example, if you look at Netflix or other OTT platforms they are subscription-based services but you pay monthly and you can cancel your subscription any time straight away.

    This is giving a lot of people complete flexibility without any contract. It’s a great benefit for people who have a bad credit score.

    If you are selling products or services offline and still skeptical about online platforms then this article is only for you.

    I remember there used to be a quite big stigma that you can’t save money in absence of the contract but that has all changed so with the rise of a pay-as-you-go lifestyle I wanted to give you some quick tips on how to save money this year on a Pay As You Go Websites options.

    What Are Pay As You Go Websites?

    Pay As You Go Websites are incredibly popular. It gives your customers an essential high-quality web presence that they are expecting with Pay as you go to website packages. A visually appealing and easy-to-use site makes an effective sales funnel for your company.

    They give you the ability to add and edit unlimited pages and the power to have a professionally designed business website, for a fixed predetermined monthly fee. Social media accounts can also be an extension to connect you with your customer with ease. 

    There are no yearly payments, to help with your business cash flow they just charge one small setup fee which means the Pay As You Go Websites are the perfect match. Giving you total flexibility with no long-term contracts.


    In one word, the answer is yes!  It is a convenient and faster way to get your business noticed. your audience is much more likely to search the internet for a business to suit their needs rather than to pick up the phone book or a classified ads section of the newspaper. 

    5 Reasons Why you should consider a website for your business

    Business credibility

    If your business website and social media are designed properly with great content, you can generate all the leads you need and legitimize your business. And reach out to almost all consumers who are searching for a particular product or service on the internet.

    Digital Word-of-Mouth

    People share their experiences of both good and bad services and products online. Social Media platforms can be used to generate digital word of mouth like Google Reviews and other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

    An Effective Online Presence generates Leads and Feedback

    An effective online presence generates Leads and feedback for your business which in turn helps you make strategic decisions.

    Your online presence can give customers what they need

    Visitors need high-quality information, a product that can solve their problem or service, your visitors can be converted into loyal customers with a great website, great product/service quality, and customer experience.

    First Impression of your business

    Nowadays, Your website is your storefront and acts as the first impression of your business in your customer’s minds. So, Make it a good one!

    Here are few service providers that you can choose for Pay As You Go Websites:

    1. Wix

    wix - Pay As You Go Websites

    It is easy to create a professional website with the help of a website builder. Without having to know a line of code you just have to use its drag-and-drop editing feature. It has numerous templates and great tools. Wix lets you sell through your site that you build yourself. Its scalable, Beginner-friendly and, Wix is suitable for anything from small business websites to personal online portfolios.

    2. Squarespace

    squarespace - Pay As You Go Websites

    It supports both native and third-party integrations, which covers many common website use cases, compared to Wix these are limited in numbers. You can have many features with limited functionality without ever paying a penny. 

    3. Bigcommerce

    bigcommerce - Pay As You Go Websites

    Another leading E-commerce builder is big commerce that is providing extreme scalability for online stores. Compared to other website builders Bigcommmers is helping users with more built-in sales tools. Adding this classification with advanced SEO and fantastic multi-channel integration, Bigcommerce has helped users to have brilliant websites.

    4. Oberlo


    If you’re considering a dropshipping website, you can start an online business using 

    Oberlo. Nowadays the most popular way of selling products online is Dropshipping and it’s a great way to get started with e-commerce. You can try Oberlo free for 30 days and it doesn’t even ask for credit card information.

    5. Magento


    Magento is built on a flexible and functional eCommerce platform that is feature-rich. The company claims Unleashed Technologies and visually engaging function dynamics that understands the complex nature of designing eCommerce websites.

    6. Shopify

    shopify -Pay As You Go Websites

    The very well known Shopify is one of the best & popular E-Commerce website builders, but that doesn’t imply that it’s the ideal platform for you. There are a few Shopify competitors that you should consider but Shopify indeed has very professional templates and amazing sales tools. It gets really easy to integrate social media stores like Facebook marketplace & Instagram shop with Shopify.

    7. 3dcart


    3dcart is cheaper than Shopify and BigCommerce. It’s a good alternative with some powerful management tools at a lower cost. Ideal for small, yet ambitious online stores.


    Overcoming cash flow problems is quite common, be it any stage of your business, especially for startups it gets pretty difficult. Online businesses need absolute visibility and credibility. But due to the cash flow issue, you can’t get your money stuck in yearly contracts. which is where Pay As You Go Websites design solutions come in handy to avoid major capital investment! Hope you liked the blog please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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