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6 Best Poly Gel Nail Kits Of 2022 – Reviews, Pros, Cons and Buying Guide

    6 Best Poly Gel Nail Kits Of 2021 - Reviews, Pros, Cons and Buying Guide

    Is it annoying when your nail polish chips off the day after it has been applied? 

    Are your nails brittle or thin? 

    How would you like your nails to be the same length? 

    These problems can be solved with PolyGel.

    Most manicure lovers have tried pretty much every type under the sun. Gel nails are fantastic, but there’s a catch. With gel, you cannot achieve any length!

    The PolyGel enhancement product strengthens and beautifies natural nails by acting as a protective overlay.

    A strong, lightweight and flexible nail that won’t break, crack or peel is delivered by this product. It is as easy to apply as for other gel products and harder than most traditional gels.

    What is in a PolyGel Nail Kit and What it includes?

    If you purchase a PolyGel nail kit, you should receive,

    • Nail gel itself
    • Preparation products
    • Application tools.

    Sometimes, UV lights are sold separately, though they are essential if the kit is to succeed. Additionally, if you plan to increase the length of your nails before applying PolyGel, you will need nail extensions and glue to apply them.

    Despite the fact that the product doesn’t self-level the way gel nail products typically do, it is much easier to apply and doesn’t require as many layers of application as traditional gel nail polishes and products. 

    It is easier to use than normal gel products since you don’t need as many tools.

    How to Apply Polygel Nails?

    1. Natural nails first have to be shaped into the desired shape.
    2. Following that, the cuticle is removed and the nail plate is buffed.
    3. You can remove nail debris with a cotton swab that is soaked in nail surface cleaner.
    4. This step will vary depending on the brand of Polygel. After a dehydrator is used on natural nails, an acid-free primer or gel base coat should be applied.
    5. Depending on the brand and specific instructions, the nails are to be cured under an LED light for a specific amount of time.
    6. Next, add a pea-sized amount of Polygel to the nail plate.
    7. With a brush dipped in the slip solution, shape the Polygel nail into the desired shape and length by patting down the Polygel.
    8. After that, another 40 – 60 seconds of curing time is needed. This will vary depending on the brand of Polygel.
    9. Shape, buff and wipe the nails with a lint-free wipe so they have a smooth surface. 
    10. Apply a gel topcoat. 
    11. Another 40 – 60 seconds is required to cure the nails.
    12. Final Step: The nails should be wiped one more time with a lint-free wipe soaked in nail surface cleaner, and the process is now complete.

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    How Long Do Polygel Nails Last?

    In contrast to typical gel nail polish, polygel nails are guaranteed to last for weeks! They won’t lift or crack like gel nail polish.

    Your polygel manicure can last for a longer time by rebalancing the nails after they have grown out.

    For removal, just filing it off and soaking the rest with acetone will do the job just fine. Your nails underneath will still be in good shape!

    Best Poly Gel Nail Kits Of 2021 – Pros, Cons and Buying Guide

    1.  Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit

    Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit

    Gershion manufactures manicure products. For beginners, there is no better starter kit than Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit. This set comes with full-size tubes of six colors as well as a nail file, a topcoat, a dual-headed pen, a dual form and a base coat. Using an LED lamp to cure extension gel takes about 30-60 seconds. When prepped properly (filing, buffering, and cleaning), poly gel nails done with this kit last more than a month.


    • Easily shapeable
    • Dries quickly
    • Lasts 4 weeks or more
    • Nonstick formula
    • Nail colors in full-size tubes
    • Includes instruction manual


    • There is no slip solution included

    2. Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit Enhancement Builder

    Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit Enhancement Builder

    There are a few extras that set this kit apart from the others.

    Modelones come in an attractive box. There is a very organized way to view all the products. The polygel set includes a slip solution, nail glitter and six color options. However, LED nail lamp is not included in the kit. 

    In this kit, you can build the nail shape before applying the polish by using “dual nail forms.” 

    Unlike the other kits, this one does not include paper nail guides.


    • Easily shapeable
    • Attractive and organized Packaging
    • Six color options


    • LED nail lamp not included
    • Doesn’t include paper nail guides.

    3. Beetles Poly Extension Gel Kit

     Beetles Poly Extension Gel Kit

    A Poly Extension Gel Kit from Beetles Poly Gel Kit is a great option for those looking for a good value. You can get manicures done quickly, and they last up to a month. Slip solution is not included, but the base coat gel can be used to make up for this. In three minutes, anyone can apply nail extensions with this kit including absolute beginners.


    • No toxins
    • Anti-odor formula
    • 12 sizes of dual forms.
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Fully-sized tubes
    • Long-lasting (4 weeks or more)


    • No LED lamp

    4. ASTOUND BEAUTY Polygel Nail Kit with UV Lamp

    ASTOUND BEAUTY Polygel Nail Kit with UV Lamp

    The polygel nail look will captivate you once you’ve got the hang of it. Astound Beauty’s compact travel polygel nail kit is the best in our opinion for the following reasons,


    • Applying Gel is super easy
    • Travel Bag Included
    • Polygel comes in 6 colors
    • Compact LED lamp suitable for travel
    • Nail file, Glitter and Brush included
    • Reasonable Price


    • Only one glitter color
    • Small polygel tubes
    • LED lamp not too powerful

    5. Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit 

    Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit 

    When it comes to nail enhancement, this is the product to go for. Includes 6 different gel colors, a nail file,  a slip solution, 120 dual-forms, top and base coat.


    • A base coat and a top coat.
    • Multiform and slip solution included
    • With a total of 120 dual forms.
    • Glitter powder and Gems


    • Small polygel tubes
    • It does not include a cleanser

    6. Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit

    Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit

    Those who enjoy bright colors will love Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit. 

    While most sets come with 4 to 6 shades, this one boasts seven shades, a slip solution, a nail file, a top coat, a base coat, and a dual-ended brush and spatula. It remains intact for 2-3 weeks with proper application and maintenance and does not peel off as easily as other gel manicures.


    • 7 vibrant colors
    • Chemically non-toxic
    • Reasonably priced
    • Low odor
    • Lasts Longer
    • Includes a gift box


    • LED lamp not included

    How to Choose the Best Polygel Nail kit (Buyer’s Guide)

    Nail art enthusiasts can choose poly gel kits from many popular and lesser-known brands. Several factors should be taken into consideration before you make your choice. Listed here are these considerations in detail to help you make a well-informed purchase decision when selecting the best polygel nail extension kit.


    If you choose cheaper nail care products, your nail can be damaged and impeded in terms of natural growth and smoothness. The nail kits that contain inferior gel do not last long and chip easily. The perfect texture, consistency, and solidity of these products depend on carefully measured chemical compositions. If you apply a cheap polygel nail kit that is made of fewer quality ingredients and is applied by untrained hands, you may cause severe injury to your nails and skin. Check the ingredients before buying a nail kit.


    For maximum results, invest in full-size products. There are kits that come in different sizes, so make sure the amount is enough for multiple applications.

    Price & Budget

    The first thing you must do is set a budget on your own. There are differences in taste and quantity among polygel users. What you choose is completely up to you. Prices vary depending on the quality of the kit and the tools included.

    I would not recommend purchasing an expensive and bigger quantity kit if you’re just getting started with poly gel nails. Get a smaller kit at a lower cost to begin with.


    If you want your nail polish to be shiny, it should have a smooth texture. It also should be in proportion to the size and shape of the nail. Poly gel should not dry out in the bottle, be of good consistency, and not dry up.


    The poly gel kit comes with a choice of up to six different colors. More colors can be added to the kit so that customers can try different styles.


    The curing time, which is determined by the lamp used, is essential in the application process. Most poly gel nails are cured with LED or UV lamps. LED lamps usually work faster than UV lamps.


    When poly gels are cured under UV or LED light, they harden. Select a poly gel kit that will harden under the lamp and withstand normal wear and tear, and regular activities.

    One of the most important characteristics to focus on is the hardness of the polygel after drying. 

    The nail kit you purchase should not break or chip off easily. 


    For the removal of poly nail gel, most kits provide a solution. It can sometimes take a long time to remove the hard coat, and extensive filing and buffing may be required.

    Included Items

    Poly gel nail kits sometimes come without LED curing lamps, slip solutions or top and base coats. Make sure everything is included while buying the kit to avoid hidden charges.

    Final Words

    These nail kits are easy to use and cost-effective. You can achieve beautiful nails without spending hundreds of dollars in a salon. So grab a kit from the list above to create some stunning manicures at home by yourself!

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