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What is Pranic Healing? How Does it Work?

    What is Pranic Healing? How Does it Work?

    ‘Prana’ called differently in different languages holds the same meaning across cultures, but the concept remains the same across the globe. In all languages, energy is constant.

    For years science has dedicated itself to finding the secret of Prana. Despite its latest gadgets and technologies, science could not solve the greatest mysteries of the universe.

    Prana is not a concept that is only Indian in Hebrew, it’s called ‘Rua’. in another language, Pneuma in the ancient Greek word, they accept Prana as chi. The root of all ailments lies in our overall energetic well-being.

    Prana is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Life-force’. The Chinese call this subtle energy as ‘Chi’. it is also called ‘breath’ of life or ‘Ruach’ In Hebrew. 

    This aura is the blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. Your soul absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body to the organs, glands, and muscles. Our aura can have clean, positive energy or dirty negative energy in our daily lives.

    There are many things that can negatively affect our aura like fear, anger, stress, and frustration. This collective negative energy is stored inside our aura as grey clouds.

    These grey clouds can later appear or materialize as a physical disease, pain, psychological and emotional disorders. Pranic healing helps you to remove grey clouds from your body.

    What is Pranic Healing?

    What is Pranic Healing? How Does it Work?

    Just as we take a shower regularly, to clean our physical body we also have this energy body that requires constant cleaning. Putting the physical body and energy body together creates our entire living system for cleaning our energy body.

    There’s a simple yet effective and powerful solution called ‘pranic healing’. Pranic healing requires no equipment or gadgets, not even physical contact with the subject. Because the practitioner is working the soul instead of the physical body.

    The reason pranic healing meditation works on the energy body is that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as problems in the physical body.

    This pervasive energy that surrounds, interpenetrates, and sustains the physical body also affects our emotions. Our ability to handle stress, relationships, and even finances by clearing the negative energies and removing any blockages in our aura.

    With pranic healing, we are able to attract good people, good relationships, prosperity, and the success resulting in a brighter and happier overall well-being. 

    Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and Master Co 

    Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui found this healing technique in 1989. In his Book ‘the origin of modern pranic healing and arhatic yoga’ and ‘miracles through pranic healing’, he revealed the roots of Pranic healing.

    His personal student, Master Stephen Co, is now sharing these teachings worldwide. Master Co is also an expert in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He is travelling for 20 years, non-stop to instruct students in over 60 countries.

    They also have their official website  and have over 100 Pranic Healing Centers established in over 90 countries. You can visit pranic healing USA centers and choose sessions according to your preference.

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    Pranic Healing vs Reiki

    Both the healing processes involve the energy field of an individual. Pranic Healing has definite guidelines, it doesn’t involve touching the patient, and it uses free-floating energy directly from the ground, air, sun, and other sources.

    Reiki, on the other hand, involves healing with direct and indirect contact, it does not have definite guidelines and it involves using various attunement levels.

    You can Download 100 Pranic Healing Protocols of Pranic Healing Here

    The First Step: General Sweeping

    Pranic Healing General sweeping is applied using the ‘cupped hands technique’, to use the cupped hand’s technique. You need to have your fingers together with your hands slightly cupped with both palms together.

    Start applying the sweeping from the head and then all the way down to the feet. The intention should be to clean the aura. Place your palms about six inches or 15 centimeters apart facing each other inhale and exhale.

    Slowly keep your hands relaxed, your shoulders relaxed, and just be aware of the Centers of your palms.

    Be aware of your fingertips, you can keep your eyes open and look at your palms or you can close your eyes, inhale and exhale. Slowly and deeply slowly move your hands apart slowly bring your hands back together.

    The Second Step: Scanning 

    The second step of Pranic Healing is scanning. Scanning is a procedure whereby you use this ability to feel the energy, to measure a person’s aura, to feel the extent of the aura. Once you can feel and measure the aura, you can figure out the imbalance. 

    The Third Step: Sensitize the hands

    Pranic Healing is sweeping or cleaning. The concept behind sweeping is simple to understand before you apply fresh healthy energy or Prana life force to the patient or to the affected part, remove the old used up energy first.

    Once the old energy has been removed, then we can put in fresh energy. This is how nature works.

    The Fourth step: Local sweeping

    After we apply sensitivity, the hands the next step is to apply localized sweeping. Pranic Healing localized sweeping is applying the pranic healing cleansing techniques on these specific affected parts of the body.

    For example: if your patient or the person you’re treating has a problem in the throat area, it could be cough, could be a sore throat and it could be tonsillitis then localized sweeping is applied. 

    The five Step: Energizing

    The next step is to energize the affected part, to energize we first have to absorb and receive chronic energies. From the surrounding to do this place one of your hands out palm facing upward.

    You can use the right hand to receive energy and the left hand to project, or the left hand to receive energy and the right hand to project. However, before we start projecting it is important that we first receive the energy to do Pranic Healing. curl your tongue and connect the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth inhale and exhale slowly be aware of the center.

    The Sixth Step: Stabilize 

    For the sixth Pranic Healing step stabilizing is needed, so that the projected chronic energy remains in the affected area. Without stabilizing the energy may leak out, which makes the healing less effective.

    To stabilize just visualize the energy coming out of your palm as being a very light blue or sky blue in colour paint the affected area the surface of the affected area with this light blue with the intention of sealing the projected energy in you can stay stabilized as you paint the last step of Prana healing. Always be aware of pranic healing fake Masters. Visit to book sessions.


    Whenever someone attempts any healing, they’re always trying to get rid of the symptom, because that’s what they consider as a disease. If you’re taking away the indicator, the foundation of the matter still exists.

    The indicator manifested itself builds the root to your notice. Rather than taking notice of it and seeing what should be done about it, if you only wipe out the indicator, the foundation will go in an exceedingly far more drastic way in your system.

    You may find many miraculous pranic healing results. Despite the claims, there are zero pranic healing proven results. Always visit a doctor for any kind of physical injury or pain. Meditation and other healing powers may help you on mental levels or may just give you an illusion of healing. But never trust what’s said with no proven facts. 

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