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Best Professional Nail Subscription Box Services 2022

    Best Professional Nail Subscription Box Services 2021

    Do you have a long-running relationship with nails/manicures?  Nails seem like a very glamorous, fun thing to do, just like painting and craft DIYs. But before putting anything on nails, you must understand what goes behind those pretty nail chemicals and what goes on behind the scenes for making those nail products. 

    Unprofessional or bad quality products can easily harm or put you in danger. If you are just trying out with your nail at home or if you have a salon, you must understand your supplies. A nail art job involves techniques and talent, that’s why quality supplies always come first and you can never underestimate the importance of great quality supplies.

    Nowadays you get Nail Art-Kit for beginners with safe tools and products. All you have to do is subscribe to a monthly ‘Nail Subscription Box’.

    Don’t you feel ‘Nail Subscription’ is the future! It all started with Netflix and now we are at the point where even razor blades are delivered through the postbox. Now you get a Professional Nail Subscription Box at your doorstep.

    Nail Kit correlates nail art with the art of painting different and fancy types of patterns on your nails. Nail Art techniques include various things like sponging, taping, painting, or drawing with brushes and digital nail art. You can glam up your nails with a Professional Nail Subscription Box that has assorted tools.

    Why Professional Nail Subscription Box?

    Maybe you’ve always worn the same length nails or the same colour and now you’re looking for nail art that you could wear to work?  Whether you’re a fan of the acrylic tips to nail art or natural look, there are millions of options to choose from.

    That’s where the Professional Nail Subscription Box helps you, with curated nail supplies only to cater to your needs. 

    Many nail companies are now providing Professional Nail Subscription Boxes, they have monthly subscription boxes for nail professionals and individuals who love hot and trendy nail supplies.

    The boxes are curated by professionals, these boxes let you try new products from the comfort of your nail table, Or, Whether you’re a fan of the acrylic tips to nail art or natural look. 

    Professional Nail Subscription Box is gaining a lot of popularity because of their “Treat Your Self” factor, and the best part about a subscription box is surprise mail! Everyone loves surprises, these recurring and physical deliveries of given products which are packaged to offer consumers additional value and a unique experience are called subscription boxes.

    If you are into subscription boxes, then the market is all yours. There are many subscription boxes available in various categories. That’s why it might be too good to be true for any nail addict to turn down professional nail art offers.

    All the service providers for Professional Nail Subscription Box given below, are the best in the market, have a good mix of price points and there’s always something for you whether you’re more into your nail care, nail polish, or easy DIY nail art.

    Here is a list of 8 Best Professional Nail Subscription Box providers that you need to check out:

    1. Nail Boxy

    Professional Nail Subscription Box - Nail Boxy

    All boxes contain 4-5 nail care products and tools to make pampering your nails effortless. Items are selected by experienced nail enthusiasts for updated and trendy supplies. All items in each box are worth over $70+ at retail price! Nail Boxy also sends a free UV gel lamp after you sign up & pre-pay for 3 Months.

    2. Nail Drama

    Professional Nail Subscription Box - Nail Drama

    You can subscribe to Nail Drama for a monthly plan and you can cancel at any time, or prepay for 3 months to save money on their Professional Nail Subscription Box. Their box comprises 5-6 themed items to spark your creativity. You can create unique art all month with enough items like Stamping plates, nail decals, rhinestones, charms, and glitter.

    3. candy coat

    Professional Nail Subscription Box - candy coat

    Candy Coat is an independent nail brand, they have their unique nail colours and a unique visual buying experience. Customers eagerly await surprise colours to pop through every month, enjoying a rainbow of choice at your fingertips on mobile, or creating a nail colour dreams salon, Candy Coat offers discounts for nail colours and a fun way to discover new products.

    4. ORLY Color Pass

    ORLY Color Pass

    It is the ultimate nail care and nail colour subscription box. Finding the cutest colour that suits your style preferences can be tiring. ORLY saves you this effort & delivers your subscription box to your doorstep. They have an amazing and Professional Nail Subscription Box with adorable polishes and nail tools.

    5. My Mani Box

    My Mani Box

    Each month My Mani Box sends you a Professional Nail Subscription Box filled with new nail art products from all over the world! Yes, that’s what the company claims. The box will contain: 

    • Nail stamping accessory
    • MoYou London Stamping plates, 
    • Additional nail product(s), [can range from 1 to 3 additional items]

    6. Jamberry StyleBox

    Professional Nail Subscription Box - Jamberry StyleBox

    Jamberry StyleBox is Jamberry’s Professional Nail Subscription Box! It costs $25 a month and they provide free shipping. The box comprises a minimum of $30 worth of Jamberry Nail Product. (ex. a nail file, an Orange Stick, and a monthly style guide to help you interpret your wraps into your style)

    7. Nailed It! Nail Art Made Easy

    Nailed It! Nail Art Made Easy

    Nailed It! Is a gorgeous seasonal or monthly subscription box for nail art or nail polishes. You can choose a preferable subscription box that fits your needs. Be it seasonal or monthly, the packages have an array of beautiful colours and the tools to create dazzling nail art!

    8 The Nailscape Box

    Professional Nail Subscription Box - The Nailscape Box

    The Nailscape Box lets you have access to a monthly Professional Nail Subscription Box for nail professionals and individuals. Curated for fashion mongers who need updated nail art designs. The box lets you try out new products from the comfort of your door-step.


    Having your needs shipped to you in a subscription box is often inexpensive than buying each of those items individually. Although, your subscription box isn’t a good value if it’s going to tempt you into buying more of any one item that you don’t want. Even if the price for each product is good, it’s likely to be more than you’d spend buying just one item each month.

    In general, the successful subscription box should be based on at least some of these factors: the box must have good products, or products that you would love to discover and It should Satisfy your actual needs or make you feel happy.

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