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Progeline Cream: Do You Really Need It For Your Skin?

    Progeline Cream: Do You Really Need It For Your Skin?

    Nowadays, skincare products come in all kinds of packaging, with more exotic ingredients and more promising claims. In this era of overwhelming options and temptation, it is far too easy to be distracted by the next shiny thing.

    Some people choose to stick with their only skincare routines for life, while others experience beauty boredom and constantly look for new products to try. 

    You might have heard about progeline cream if you belong to the latter group while looking for something new to help address anti-aging concerns.

    So what progeline cream actually is? You may wonder. Is it truly effective at treating wrinkles and giving you the “anti-aging” benefits? If you want these questions answered, keep on reading.

    What Is Progeline Cream?

    It is a biomimetic peptide derived from Elafin and is marketed by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. Progeline is basically a trade name that is made by a combination of water, dextran, glycerin and trifluoroacetyl-tripeptide-2.

    Dextran thickens the glycerin and water in the formula, allowing the trifluoroacetyl tripeptide 2 (fluorinated peptide) to reach deeper layers of the skin.

    What is Peptide?

    To understand what Progeline is and what benefits it offers in skincare, let’s first understand what Peptides do.

    The peptide chain of amino acids is used to form proteins, and can enhance collagen production by making the skin think it needs more.

    Skincare products often contain peptides. Whenever the skin is damaged or lines appear on it, peptides are used to repair it. Moreover, peptides are thought to reduce wrinkles and boost elasticity.

    Progeline Cream Benefits to your Skin

    • You will see on the Lucas Meyer website that Progeline reduces signs of aging or wrinkles, it gives your jawline a nice shape, and it gives your skin a remodeling effect.
    • Having a full remodelling effect, it allows the skin to keep its elasticity. 
    • Sagging skin near our neck and jawline occurs as we grow older. Progeline can benefit you if you see these signs of aging in yourself.
    • It also promotes cell production and rejuvenates aging skin on your neck and near your eyes. 
    • Progeline stimulates the growth of new tissue and provides a firmer, suppler appearance to the skin. This will make you look younger.

    Scientists disagree, saying the research is based solely on lab reports with no actual data supporting the product’s use. Therefore, we cannot say with certainty that progeline is effective or not. 

    Moreover, we are not doctors, the information provided in this article should only be used for informational purposes.

    Side Effects of Progeline Cream

    Here are some of the side effect of progeline cream,

    • A variety of peptides exist, and some do not have any evident effect on the skin.
    • The research is still in its infancy for progeline, but we know that other ingredients like AHAs and retinol have more scientific backing.
    • An allergy to peptides may occur in rare cases.
    • The price of peptides is often high.


    The major components of progeline are water, glycerol, and dextran. Your body will eliminate any peptide present in the formula.

    Despite the low risk of harm, there is no scientific support for the claim that this combination provides anti-aging benefits.

    Final Words

    What’s the harm in trying a progeline cream other than spending money on something that might not deliver the anti-aging benefits you desire? 

    All in all, The combination of peptide serums combined with progeline may provide hydration to the skin and smoothen it just like any moisturizer would do. 

    But again there is not enough research to support the claims of anti-aging benefits.

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