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Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Playsets

    Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Playsets

    So many schools are transitioning to e-learning because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s difficult for parents to disconnect them from their Digital mediums.

    Now that they spend 8 hours a day on their digital devices, some of them will refuse to let the tech go. That’s why everyone must have children’s playsets in their backyard for a little outdoor break.

    Outdoor playsets are wooden playhouses with swings and slides. They are best for a child’s growth and it’s the best adventure for kids. You must have seen this in your building garden or school backyard.

    These are scaled-down replicas of a treehouse but for active kids on the ground. They can promote a child’s imagination and creativity.

    A playset can be as simple as just swigs or slides or as complex as a permanent outdoor structure with a spiral slide and Crawl Tunnels. There are several companies that specialize in creating elaborate and distinctive playsets that can be used for both commercial and private purposes.

    The one very famous in America is Rainbow Play Systems, this company is decades old and is providing safe and quality playsets. So let’s know more,

    What are the Rainbow Play Systems?

    Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Play Sets


    Every Rainbow Outdoor Playset structure is designed for the backyard play area. They have been producing quality engineered components for 35 years and are known for its durable playsets. you can add options and modules to your existing rainbow playset system.

    You can choose according to the size or shape of your yard. Their innovative design and engineering structure are based on an equilateral triangle design to provide a wider and more stable stance for self-leveling. Rainbow Play Systems have hundreds of designs to choose from.

    Rainbow Play Systems started in a garage and now they are working at a 130-acre manufacturing facility in Brookings South Dakota. They are the largest playset manufacturer in America.

    Rainbow Play Systems add new designs every year and they have many colour options available with built-in safety features. Example: simple rounded wood edges, vinyl-coated metal brackets, commercial-grade swing hangers, angled climbing ladders, dipped safety chains, and handles.

    Rainbow Play Systems Factory showrooms also offer professional installation and delivery. children’s rungs are heavy gauge with a thick vinyl coating that doesn’t get hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

    In addition, they have Rainbow spiral slides that are commercial-grade with a full 360-degree turn and they have a bigger tunnel available in different diameters for kids of all ages and they also help in moving your playset.


    All Rainbow Castle Playset is made of Cunninghamia Cedar lumber. Cunninghamia is a special type of Chinese timber. its soft yet highly durable scented wood pretty much similar to Coast Redwood. Rainbow Swings sets can last up to 20 years. Sometimes 40 years, if Rainbow Playsets are maintained properly.

    What is covered in the Rainbow Play Systems warranty?

    • Rainbow Play Systems guarantee all Wave Slides, Super Scoop Slides, Scoop Slides, Crawl Tunnels, Spiral Slides, Panel Mounts, and Crow’s Nest for the lifetime of the unit.
    • Rainbow Play Systems guarantee all the Rainbow Plaque, Commercial Swing Hangers, Super Duty Tire Swivel, 360° Tire Swivel All Structural Hardware, and Plastisol Coated Rungs for the lifetime of the unit. 
    • All Rainbow Playset Accessories like Tarps, Binoculars. Ship’s Wheel, Periscope, Megaphone, Telescope, Talk Tube, Glider, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Bubble Window, Chalkboard, Driving Panel, Ship Anchor, Flag Dowels, Buoy Balls, Rope Disc, Ship Shelf, and Ship Lock to be covered for five-year warranty by Rainbow Play Systems. 
    • Rainbow Play Systems Flags and Ropes come under a two-year warranty.

    What is not covered in Rainbow Play Systems Warranty

    • lumber splits and knots are not covered under warranty.
    • Cosmetic cracking and colour fading of plastic components are not covered under warranty.
    • Surface rust on structural hardware and metal components is not covered under warranty.
    • In case you have changed the original rainbow playset stain then you may not be eligible for a warranty.

    Safety Measures

    Rainbow Playsets have a moulded safety scoop slide that helps in parallel to the ground safe landing, and they offer three different styles of tire swings. Their commercial-grade 360-degree tire swivel features an exclusive taller triple bracket swing beam and independent swing beam with heavy-duty wide spacing hangers. kids of all ages can swing with more energy and elbow room. Lastly, they have an exclusive lifetime warranty for their playsets.

    How to do Safety and Maintenance Checks for Rainbow Playsets?

    • By lubricating the rainbow playset’s moving parts.
    • The swing beam must be secure and balanced.
    • All brackets and braces must be secured and balanced.
    • Look for deterioration and splinters on wood beams and parts.
    • Spot areas that appear to be checking or splintering.

    How Much is the cost to install  second-hand Rainbow Playsets (Used Rainbow Playset)

    The average cost to install a rainbow playset is $350 – $450 (for a new set it’s free)

    Rainbow Play Systems prices

    Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Play Sets


    Rainbow Playsets can cost around $2000 – $10000 and It differs from model to model. Find Rainbow Play Systems Parts Price List Here

    How to get rid of the old Rainbow Playsets

    Rainbow Play Systems often buy back the old set and send professionals to disassemble it and haul it. They later recycle the set or re-use the waste.

    Rainbow Play Systems Replacement Parts

    • Check what parts you want to replace first, you will need to figure out what replacement parts you need. Note the serial number and item code
    • Go to the Rainbow Play Systems inc site’s options page and select from the menu the parts you wanna replace. Request the pricing list. This will add the product to the list
    • Repeat these steps to add more Rainbow Play Systems replacement parts to your request pricing list. 
    • On the top of the page, click view for your price request list to review the replacement parts. 
    • At the bottom of the page, you’ll need to fill out a form. Fill out the form and click submit.
    • They will soon inform you about their prices. 
    • You can also buy generic replacement parts at hardware stores and amazon but make sure you measure carefully before buying a generic replacement part. So it’s better to buy it physically.

    Where you can find Rainbow Play Systems replacement parts (Generic)

    You may be able to find replacement parts in the following supermarkets including rainbow play systems accessories.

    • Walmart
    • Amazon
    • Wayfair
    • Home Depot

    Rainbow play competitors

    Rainbow Play Systems is America’s biggest manufacturer of children’s play equipment and they are available through various networks. They have retail outlets over 200 throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Belarus. It’s the oldest company to provide playsets however below are the companies that are potential competitors of Rainbow Play Systems inc.

    • KidKraft
    • Gorilla Playsets
    • Backyard Discovery
    • Superior Playset
    • Slide n Swing

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