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How Skin Fasting Can Benefit and Save Your Skin?

    How Skin Fasting Can Benefit and Save Your Skin?

    Getting naturally glowing skin is all about letting your skin breathe freely.  The idea of embracing your bare skin and taking a break from makeup once in a while seems sensible.

    But a break from skincare products seems risky, doesn’t it? Would you believe that pausing your skincare routine would be beneficial for your skin? This is possible because of skin fasting.

    The concept behind skin fasting is to detoxify your skin to enhance its natural glow. In a sense, skin fasting is a way to rejuvenate the skin so it returns to its natural state.

    The article explains why it might be beneficial to take a break from your skincare routine. Continue reading.

    What Is Skin Fasting?

    Japanese brand Mirai Clinical presented the concept of skin fasting more than a decade ago.

    In this practice, skincare products are given up for a period of time. Internet users are obsessed with the concept of skin fasting these days. 

    The idea behind skin fasting is to take a break from your regular skincare routine in order to boost the effectiveness of your skin’s functions. 

    Rather than relying on a long list of products to help your skin, take a break from your routine and allow the skin to renew and repair itself. 

    But, prior to deciding whether to go for it, you need to learn more about your skin type.

    What are the benefits of skin fasting?

    • It doesn’t only eliminate skin irritations but also enables you to figure out which skincare products are right for your skin type.
    • Understanding exactly what your skin requires enables you to address them accordingly.
    • As you will use lesser skincare products, you could potentially save some money in the long run
    • The skin becomes less dependent on products and skin benefits more from using fewer products.
    • The absence of skincare products forces the skin to produce its own natural moisture and oils instead of relying on creams.
    • It helps to evenly distribute the natural oils your body produces, keeping your skin nourished, healthy and moisture-locked.
    • Allows your skin a breather from heavy makeup routines.

    Although skin fasting offers numerous benefits, it is unclear whether it is effective for everyone. 

    Several variables must be taken into consideration, including your skin type, the duration of the skin fast, present skin issues, type of fasting (complete or partial), and other elements such as your water intake, lifestyle etc. The results may be affected by all these factors.

    How to Skin Fast

    Try this if you want to rekindle your love affair with your skincare.

    1. You should gently wash your face before going to bed.
    2. Ensure you sleep without any skincare products at least once or twice a week. This will increase the healing power of your skin. With regular use of moisturizers, the skin stops producing its own moisturizers (natural oils).  With no moisturizer, the skin produces its own oils without depending on moisturizers. (If you have a serious skin condition/ issues, consult a doctor before stopping your creams.)
    3. It is crucial that the humidity is right in your room and that it doesn’t get too dry, especially during the winter.
    4. Wash your face gently in the morning using only lukewarm water to ensure that your skin is not stripped of its oils. Using just water instead of products on your face, your skin will now focus on cleansing itself rather than being forced to digest or break down those products that you use.
    5. Your body can also benefit from skin fasting. But in general, the face is affected by sun exposure, makeup, and overuse of harsh cleansers and synthetic skincare routines.
    6. Stay hydrated! The skin’s health is greatly influenced by hydration.

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    Who Should Avoid It? (Do’s and Don’ts)

    Meanwhile, you should avoid skin fasting if:

    • Have acne and make use of topical medications as prescribed by your dermatologist or follow a special skincare regimen for acne.
    • You have dehydrated or dry skin.
    • You have conditions like eczema and rosacea
    • Have seasonal changes to the skin like dryness during winters.
    • Those with atopic skin or serious skin conditions or recent chemical peel and face treatments should avoid skin fasting.
    • Avoid skin fasting if you are ill.

    (If you have any doubts regarding the safety of this, consult a dermatologist.)

    Is skin fasting necessary?

    Many agree that skin fasting has several benefits but it may not be true for all. Unless you are experiencing irritations or recent skin issues, you don’t need to take a break from your skin care regimen. But it may be worth a shot if it sounds useful.

    How Often Can You Do Skin Fasting?

    Skin fasting is not a hard-and-fast rule, but how often you do it depends on how regularly you maintain your skincare regime. If you don’t use excessive skincare products, you can take a skin detox once every two months.

    It may be a good idea to detox your skin once or twice a month if you frequently use skin lightening and anti-aging products or wear too much makeup. Your skin’s signs will help you determine what’s right for you.

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