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6 Types of Socks, Sock Lengths & Types of Sock Fabrics

    6 Types of Socks, Sock Lengths & Types of Sock Fabrics

    We categorize our Socks based on how tall they’re, so you’ll be able to easily find the correct Sock height to match your shoes and activities. Different Sock lengths, from the longest, Knee-length Socks, Mid-length Socks down, and Barely-there No-Shows are meant for different shoe types.

    We use the word “length” or “height” to explain how high a Sock rises on the leg, while the Sock’s size is employed to assist you to decide whether a Sock will suit your foot size.

    Learn all about the various sorts of Socks here: Sock choices are endless when it involves styles, lengths, colours, and materials. Once you familiarize yourself with all the various styles of men’s Sock lengths, you’ll be able to pick your pairs with purpose.

    Sock Lengths

    Sock Lengths describes what type of Sock it is. Other stuff, like the material we will cover that as well. But length is probably one of the most important elements of a Sock. So let’s talk about Sock length, starting with the shortest Sock. This Sock length guide will help you understand Socks with their Sock Length Names.

    1. Ankle Length Socks

    Ankle Sock lengths cover your entire foot, and it ends at your ankle. Most people wear crew Socks for exercising, hiking, and daily use. These are longer or taller than loafers Socks, but shorter than crew length Socks. They’re not meant to be invisible, and ankle Socks are usually reserved for sports. Ankle length Socks are great for running. ASICS ankle-length Socks are comfortable for running. REI and SmartWool are great ankle-length hiking Socks. 

    2. Crew Length Sock 

    Right, crew length Socks, hit right around the mid-to-upper calf, go up past your ankles and this is the most popular Sock length. When people think about Socks they’re probably thinking about crew Sock lengths. So these go up to like mid to upper calf, but they don’t go over your calf, and they come in all different fabrics, all different colours, and styles. There are dressy crew Socks, there are a lot of casual crew Socks, and your average crew Sock is probably just made out of 100% cotton. The one big drawback with these Sock lengths is if they’re not the right crew length Socks, they’re going to kind of fall down your calf throughout the day, and that’s annoying. That’s why right calf-length Socks are a good investment.

    3. Cloth Insoles

    Well-fitted Cloth Insoles give better support to your feet, reduce pain and increase comfort. This Sock doesn’t have any Sock lengths, these aren’t even really Socks, but they do create a barrier between your foot and your shoes, so I’m including them in this video. These are just cotton or other natural fibered insoles that you put in your shoe if you’re not going to wear an actual Sock, they do have to be washed in-between wears just like any other sock, and they’re just meant to prevent odour.

    4. Loafer Socks

    Loafer Socks provide a barrier of protection between your feet and your shoes. They are also called low-profile Socks because they have short Sock lengths. These are meant to be invisible. These are meant to be worn with low top sneakers, even boots, shoes, moccasins, driving mocks, basically anything where you want that barefoot look, but you don’t want to go barefoot. These Sock lengths are great for summertime, especially if you’re wearing shorts or cropped trousers or cuffed chinos. 

    5. Calf Length Socks

    Over the calf Sock is basically ‘knee Sock’. Regular Socks usually rise just past the ankle, and these are dressier than other Sock lengths. So they go all the way up over your calf, just below the knee. And that means that they won’t fall because they are above your calf. And so they won’t fall throughout the day. You can find this Sock length in every different material. They’re also nice to wear in the wintertime if you’re wearing boots because they just help to keep your legs a little warmer. Increasingly these days, you have the option with your Socks to get a little cushion built-in. 

    6. Short Crew

    The short crew is a perfect balance of support and comfort; they are Quarter length Socks. It’s higher than an ankle Sock but shorter than a regular crew length sock. The short crew is about six inches tall. They end above the ankle but below mid-calf. if you’re wearing any type of high top, this is a suitable length. It doesn’t look great on sneakers. Yeah, pretty much all year round, and they’re super comfortable, and very functional because they kind of support your ankle and then they protect your ankles from, like, getting scratched on plants, or getting bug bites. 

    What are Ankle Length Compression Socks?

    When you hear “compression Socks,” what does one think of? Likely the image of over-the-knee Socks will come to mind because they’re the foremost common ones within the market that may cater to a wider base audience with different needs and medical conditions. That being said, ankle-high length stockings are designed for compression therapy as some individuals might prefer the therapy round the ankle, shin, and foot only. Also, what leg health benefit does this length of the Sock provide? To help you create an informed decision on which length to travel for ultimately, we’ll take a glance at what compression ankle Socks are used for, what to appear for once you are buying one, the sizing, and the way to worry for them.

    Sock Length Chart

    Sock Lengths- Sock Length Chart

    Here is the list of types of Sock Fabrics:

    1. Cotton Socks

    • It’s Strong
    • Soft
    • It keeps Heat
    • It Does Stretch Easily

    2. Wool Socks

    • Wool Is Wrinkle-resistant
    • It’s Stretchy
    • But It’s Also Durable 
    • It Kind Of Goes Back To Its Original Shape 
    • And It Absorbs Moisture And Odour 
    • Wool Socks Are Ideal
    • They’re More Expensive Than Cotton

    3. Bamboo Rayon Socks

    • Breathable
    • Silky Fabric.
    • It’s Hypoallergenic,
    • It’s Antimicrobial, 
    • And That’s All-natural. 
    • And It’s More Durable Than Cotton.

    4. Modal Socks

    • Strong
    • Stable, 
    • It’s Soft 
    • Durable
    • It Is More Expensive
    • Very Comfortable

    5. Silk Socks

    • Very Strong 
    • Natural Fiber.
    • It’s Light And 
    • Elastic, But It Is 
    • Sweat Sensitive. 
    • Not Good Heat.

    6. Alpaca Wool Socks

    • Regular Wool
    • Super Lightweight
    • Super-soft 
    • Naturally Water-resistant
    • Extremely Insulating
    • Warmer Than Regular Like Sheep Wool, Or Lamb’s Wool.

    7. Cashmere Socks 

    • Extremely Soft 
    • Very Lightweight
    • Naturally Insulating

    While often neglected, Sock Lengths and Sock fabric play a big role. Socks can have multiple purposes. they’re going to be a fashion statement. Other socks have health benefits from wearing them. So spend some time and choose what you’d like from your socks and pick the correct ones for you.

    So there you are a full sock guide which will help you to choose from the best. Different occasion demand for different types of socks. Therefore wear the right socks and keep your feet happy.

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