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9 Best Tanning Goggles in 2022

    9 Best Tanning Goggles in 2022

    A tanning bed isn’t complete without tanning goggles. There is nothing better on the wishlist of every girl than getting gorgeous and even tan.

    Nevertheless, when you use a tanning bed, you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that you are safe. One precaution you can take is to wear the best tanning goggles. 

    As the name suggests, these tight-fitting glasses are unique and innovatively designed to offer superior protection against UVB and UVA for your eyes.

    They protect your eyes from conjunctivitis, itching, and blurred vision caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. 

    On top of that, they also help to keep your eyes safe from eyelid burns. Use tanning goggles the next time you plan on laying in a tanning bed, and you’ll wake up with a golden tan. We’ve put together this list of the 8 best tanning goggles.

    What are Tanning Bed Goggles?

    Tanning eyewear serves the purpose of protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that may cause damage to your eyesight. When you’re using the tanning bed, you should wear tanning bed goggles.

    Usually, you will be provided with tanning goggles if you choose to get your tanning sessions done in a tanning salon nearby.

    Do Tanning Goggles Really Protect The Eyes?

    What does a tanning bed do? Basically, this equipment has UV lights that mimic the sun’s rays.

    As a result, melanocytes or melanin-producing cells located within the epidermis of the skin are stimulated, followed by the tanning of your skin. In spite of the fact that tanning beds are one of the best choices for tanning, they present their own challenges as well.

    It is worth noting that the light produced by these beds is damaging to the eyeballs and can even be a severe cause of eye damage.

    In order to ensure the safety of your eyes and prevent an unfortunate incident from occurring, tanning goggles are handy protective gear that can help you achieve an enjoyable tanning session entirely without worrying about it.

    Take a look at our list of the top 8 tanning goggles of 2022 as it has everything you need to know about how to get the best tanning experience possible.

    Benefits of Wearing Tanning Goggles

    1. It protects your eyes

    It goes without saying that eyes and the skin around them are extremely sensitive. Your eyes can get severely damaged by the ultraviolet light you’re exposed to when tanning.

    If you are getting indoor tanning done, it would be best for you to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays.

    What If I Just Close My Eyes?

    Some people might wonder why they need tanning goggles if they’re going to keep their eyes tightly shut.

    Here’s the thing: using goggles is much safer. Since eyelids are sensitive, they can’t fully protect your eyes..

    Wearing one is still a good idea even if you don’t feel a hard glare.

    The point to remember here is that it’s hours under the sun that give you the same tan that may be achieved in an hour or so under a tanning bed. So yes, you definitely need those protective tanning goggles.

    2. Lowers your chances of getting a cataract

    The glowing skin you get might make you want to tan again once you get used to it.

    There are, however, risks associated with exposure to the UV rays over a long period of time and often, which can include cancer and even blindness.

    Prolonged exposure to UV rays can increase the risk of developing cancer.

    3. It’s easy to use

    There was a time when these tanning goggles were difficult to use, but those days are gone.

    Currently, tanning bed goggles are very simple to use and provide the greatest amount of safety for the user.

    These sleek glasses can be strapped to the eyes while you tan.

    A lot of these goggles are made from special plastics that are extremely comfortable to wear, and some of them may even allow partial visibility.

    4. A safe and effective method to protect against long term and short term damage

    Tanning indoors poses the risk of corneal damage. The UV rays are capable of burning the cornea, which is the membrane that covers the pupil.

    There is a good chance that this can cause inflammation such as conjunctivitis, itching and blurred vision which are usually treated using eye drops.

    Persistent inflammation of the eyes as a result of long-term exposure to these rays can permanently impair vision.

    5. You do not have to worry about raccoon eyes!

    Yes! Obviously, some people would prefer not to put on the tanning bed goggles due to the possibility of patchy eyes that can arise as a result of indoor tanning.

    Raccoon eyes or patchy eyes is what happens when you wear tanning bed glasses over your eyes. Compared to other skin tones, this patch will appear paler.

    If you’re going to wear goggles, don’t be alarmed, a little foundation can fix a lot.

    Moreover, I would like to let you know about new goggles which feature sleek designs that ensure minimal skin coverage around the eye.

    Even though it’s annoying, eye protection is definitely necessary.

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    How To Clean Tanning Goggles

    1. Take your tanning goggles and soak them in a cleaning solution for 10 minutes. It is a good idea to wear gloves throughout this process.
    2. The solution should then be rinsed completely off with clean, running water and thoroughly dried.
    3. Store it clean, dry, and protected in a case.

    Some tanning goggles are not only stylish and fashionable, but the design makes them suitable for use during cosmetic laser techniques or procedures like teeth whitening processes where a flexible design is useful.

    Be wary of tanning goggles that are liable to fall off easily and do not offer enough protection from the UV rays.

    The 9 Best Tanning Goggles in 2022

    1. Peepers Sunbed Tanning GogglesPeepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair

    These incredible goggles from Peppers will ensure that your eyes get the best protection during the tanning process.

    Key Features

    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Protects against harmful ultraviolet rays
    • 4 Colors to choose from
    • A flexible string
    • Featuring a minimal, sleek appearance

    Peepers’ unique tanning goggles have a straightforward, minimalist design, which means they fit snugly and provide a comfortable surface for the user.

    A selection of four unique colors is available for your taste, including red, blue, black, and gray.

    The package comes with six pairs per package. This pair of tanning gloves is designed with innovative technology to be used indoors and outdoors.

    With a truly superior depth of approximately 3/4 inches, these tight-fitting spectacles are ideal for people with longer lashes or lash extensions, since they offer a superior depth.

    The FDA has approved them for use, so you can be confident that they are blocking UVA and UVB rays during outdoor tanning.

    They can be used at the beach as well, but you may appear funny because of how they are designed.

    There are some downsides to this product, such as the fact that the lenses tend to get dirty very easily and can be difficult to clean properly.


    • Their minimalist profile makes them a perfect fit for women who prefer a more minimalist look
    • There’s an elastic head strap for a superior fit
    • They’re great for protecting against UVA and UVB
    • The money you spend will get you a pair of six of these.


    • It is very easy for the lenses to become dirty
    • The items do not come assembled out of the box
    • Lacks a flexible nose bridge, as a result of which tanning goggles marks may appear.

    2. Wink Ease Disposable Indoor Tanning Eyewear Protection

    Wink Ease 50 Pair Disposable Indoor Tanning Eyewear Protection

    Designed for tanning beds, these disposable specs are perfect for protecting your eyes. Their amazing visibility makes them a great choice.

    This glass provides the utmost protection. Moreover, it comes in a unique design. It’s mostly made out of UVB blocking material. Plus, it blocks a lot of UVA rays.

    Key Features

    • One package has 25 pairs
    • Protection against UVA and UVB
    • It’s easy to assemble
    • Ideal for indoors
    • Value for money

    This particular tanning goggle comes in a pack that contains 25 pairs in one package. They are disposable, but you get a lot of pairs for a modest price. In other words, they are well worth the money.

    A unique design allows the eyecups to fit snugly and comfortably in your eye socket. As opposed to standard goggles, these disposal eyecups won’t blow off easily. Using a standup tanning bed will make them stay on well.

    Putting together the specs is super easy. The eyecups are marked with a marker so you know how to fold them.

    It is important to note that women with long eyelashes may not be able to wear these.


    • Folds easily into a cone-shaped eyecup
    • It sticks and cups around the eye
    • Ideal for both a flat tanning bed and a stand-up tanning bed
    • UVA and UVB protection that exceeds industry standards
    • Assuring that your money will be well spent


    • You should not wear these if you have long eyelashes

    3. Super Sunnies Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles

    Super Sunnies Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles UV Eye Protection Glasses (Purple), FDA Compliant

    These high-quality goggles from Super Sunnies are perfect for tanning your body or covering lash extensions when applying makeup.

    Key Features

    • Materials of the highest quality
    • Thinner eyecups
    • Stretchy headband
    • Designed and made in the USA
    • High-rise nose bridge

    All the materials used in these tanning glasses are of the highest quality, skin-friendly, and highly durable, plus they’re made in the US.

    With the taller bridge, they are able to effectively eliminate any tan lines because the bridge is flexible and elevated so that it can be raised to remove tan lines effectively.

    There is a heavy elastic band on this model that ensures that it fits perfectly every time without slipping.

    In my opinion, the slimmer eyecups are a truly welcome improvement, as they are very good at reducing the problem of raccoon eyes, which is often associated with indoor tanning.

    During outdoor tanning, these sunglasses offer excellent UVA and UVB protection. Green lenses don’t just protect you from UV, but also from high-pressure tanning.

    There are some models that come out of the box with scratched lenses, which I dislike.


    • No tan lines with flexible and raised nose bridge
    • Indoor performance is improved with slimmer eye cups
    • There is an elastic band which fits snugly around the head
    • Designed specifically for high-pressure tanning
    • More than 99% of UV rays are blocked


    • Some models may come with scratched lenses.
    • Many women may find them too small to fit.

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    4. Podz Goggles Keychain Tanning Bed Eye Wear

    Podz Goggles Keychain Tanning Bed Eye Wear - Tanning Goggles 2pc

    Wear these eye goggles for tanning that come with a keychain holder to make sure you never forget your protective eyewear before entering a tanning salon.

    Having UV protection, it is made from top-quality, durable materials, so it offers a sufficient amount of protection from the sun.

    You will find that these ones are compact and light enough for you to carry around with ease without any hassles. Designed to prevent annoying tanning goggles marks, the colorful product is available in bright, peppy colors.


    • Has a keychain holder
    • It’s made of high-quality, durable materials
    • Protects from UV rays
    • Light and compact
    • Vibrant, peppy colors


    • You might have trouble opening and closing the keychain holder.

    5. Soft Podz Tanning Bed Goggles

    Podz Soft Tanning Goggles - 1 Pair Random Colors

    Wear this amazing pair of snug-fitting tanning goggles from Soft Podz while tanning in a tanning bed for a pleasing tanning experience.

    Key Features

    • It features a flexible nose bridge
    • Lenses that are dark in color
    • Comfortable headband
    • Deep eyecups
    • Comes with a carry pouch

    These tanning goggles are made of skin-friendly materials and have a heavy-duty design. It comes with a convenient carrying pouch for easy storage when not in use.

    The eyecup design on this pair is wide and deep, which is good because this way, the eyecup will fit your eyes without interfering with your eyelashes.

    It has a clear nose bridge so that you can tan through it and it is an extremely flexible, easy to use design. Besides, the bridge on the nose is raised. This means that tan lines will not be an issue for you.

    The design of the elastic headband is very useful, considering how easy it is to obtain a snug fit, considering how easily it can be adjusted.

    It’s a bummer that the Soft Podz comes in one color only.


    • It’s super portable
    • You won’t get tan lines with the raised nose bridge
    • It’s easy to use and elastic
    • It’s comfortable to wear the wide, deep eyecup
    • UV protection with tinted lenses


    • There’s only one color choice
    • There’s a chance you’ll get a package with missing pieces

    6. Super Sunnies Slim Flex UV Eye Protection

    Super Sunnies Slim Flex UV Eye Protection

    You should own one of these innovative tanning goggles if your safety is your top priority. They provide optimum UV protection while ensuring that you stay protected during your tanning session.

    With these unique goggles, you don’t have to worry about securing them to your eyes with elastic straps and bands. They are equipped with fine suction cups that securely attach to your eyes.

    The soft and flexible material on these eye masks means you don’t have to worry about raccoon eyes or unsightly tan lines around your eyes.

    The best part is that these outdoor and indoor tanning goggles are packaged in a clear case so you can take them on the go!


    • Arrives in a clear case
    • Colors to choose from
    • Materials are soft and flexible
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor tanning
    • UV protection at its best


    • If not secured correctly, it may fall off frequently.

    7. Eye Candy Tanning Eyewear 1 PairEye Candy Tanning Eyewear 1 Pair

    These tanning goggles are exactly what you’d want if you’re looking for style and fashion. This pair of tanning goggles is a perfect blend of bright and vivid colors, which will improve the overall look and feel of your tanning kit.

    With an elastic strap that can be customized to fit around your head, these tanning goggles will make sure that they fit perfectly around your head. Make sure you grab these stylish tanning goggles next time you visit the tanning salon.


    • Fashionable and stylish
    • Amazing Colors
    • It’s got an elastic strap
    • Fits well


    • You might feel uncomfortable at first because of the plastic material used.

    8. Super Sunnies EVO FLEX Sunnie Neons Flexible Tanning Bed GogglesEVO FLEX Sunnie Neons Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles

    Super Sunnies’ FDA-approved goggles have the ultimate ergonomic headband for supreme comfort and fit.

    Key Features

    • Designed to fit
    • An elevated nose bridge
    • Protects against UVA and UVB
    • A choice of two colors
    • FDA-approved

    Known for their unique design and perfect UVB and UVA protection, the Sunnie Neon sunglasses come in orange and blue colors. If you have any concerns about their efficacy, they are also FDA-approved.

    It fits you snugly and comfortably because it’s ergonomically designed. Thankfully, the nose bridge of these glasses has been raised to ensure that no tan lines will form on it.

    Women with long eyelashes will have more room with the cups since they are deep enough.

    Specially engineered lenses provide full-spectrum UV and high-pressure tanning protection with an affordable price. Unlike other cheap sunglasses, the lenses stay firmly in place and will not pop out.


    • The FDA approved them for UV protection
    • A form-fitting ergonomic headband
    • No tan lines on the nose bridge
    • High-pressure tanning is not a problem for the lenses
    • The eyecups won’t pop out easily


    • They may be too small for some women
    • Would be nice to have more color options

    9. California Tan Pro-Specs EyewearCalifornia Tan Pro-Specs Eyewear

    You can finally say goodbye to tanning goggles marks and lines for good with this protective eyewear for tanning!

    They provide a snug fit due to their ergonomic design. They are designed to offer premium comfort.

    Featuring a completely adjustable design, this pair of tanning glasses can be customized to fit almost any face shape or size thanks to a removable nose piece and elastic strap.

    These are perfect for yourself or your favorite tanning buddy. They come in a luxurious cloth bag.


    • Designed ergonomically
    • Flexible
    • An elastic strap and a detachable nose piece
    • Packaged in a luxurious cloth bag


    • These glasses might make it hard to see clearly.

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