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The Best Sneakers for Your At-Home Workouts

    The Best Sneakers for Your At-Home Workouts

    A lot of people are working out more at home these days. Between pandemic isolation, the desire to save some cash by skipping the gym, and the advent of everything from workout apps to full fitness systems like Mirror and Tonal, people are finding themselves satisfied with home exercise.

    With some workouts, like those you can find in our Yoga section, you can do these home exercises barefoot. It’s one of the perks! For other exercises however, you’ll want shoes for traction, stability, and comfort (and to protect your toes from heavy runaway kettlebells and the like). That said, you don’t necessarily need to go with heavy-duty gym shoes. Here, we’ll get into a few options for cozier, more lightweight shoes that you can use for essentially any type of home exercise.

    Unisex UA RECOVER Slip Shoes

    These unisex sneakers are an extremely comfortable option that can be used during your workouts –– and afterward when you’re recovering. The knit upper allows for breathability and stretch, and makes it easy to just slip them off (even if you’re not wearing socks!). This type of sneaker is important for post-workout recovery too, which is why UA’s RECOVER collection was also a part of a donation campaign last year, helping underrepresented groups have access to athletic clothing and shoes and help them improve their performance and recovery.


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    Pharrell x adidas Humanrace Sičhona

    Naturally, there’s always something fun about a celebrity-branded shoe. But the truth of the matter is that Pharrell’s “Humanrace” adidas crossover is a really comfortable option, too. With a fully-knit upper, elastic lace, and a highly flexible dipper rubber sole, these are easy to wear, wash, and maintain. They’re particularly great for stretches and exercises that require you to be able to bend or flex your toes. Basically, wearing these is like being barefoot without actually being barefoot, and with all the support your feet need during workouts.

    New Balance Fresh Foam Cruzv1 Reissue

    If you’re looking for some more stability, the Fresh Foam Cruzv1 Reissue could be what you’ve been waiting for. These shoes have a cushioned Fresh Foam midsole that gives additional support while providing extra cushioning for high-impact activities (think of those jumping exercises). If you have some preconceived notions about New Balance –– many associated the company with semi-outdated style –– let them go. These are excellent workout shoes, and a pleasure to wear.


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    Allbirds Tree Dashers

    For those who are interested in green, eco-friendly apparel, Allbirds offers a sustainable option. This particular pair, for instance, is made with eucalyptus fiber –– which incidentally helps to make them incredibly lightweight. They’re flexible, and contour around your foot, which is great news for those who require a wider toebox, or whose heels splay more than normal. All in all, they’re ideal shoes for everyday workouts of lower impact at home (though as the name suggests, running in them is okay too).


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    ON Cloud X

    If your home workout includes machines such as a treadmill or elliptical, consider grabbing a pair of ON Cloud X sneakers. These shoes’ rigid soles allow enough flexibility to move with your gait, without sacrificing the stability required to keep up a fast jog or steady run. They’re also popular with those who lift heavy weights, since they offer so much support for both the arch and the heel. With a variety of colorways to choose from and availability for both men and women, they’re great shoes for everyone, and for virtually all exercise purposes.

    Sneakers are important workout accessories, even for home exercise, and your feet will appreciate a good shoe that offers enough support while being lightweight and comfortable. Plus, all of the shoes we just mentioned can be used for casual, everyday wear as well. Any one of them might just become your new favorite pair.

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