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Simple Guide To Do Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails (Really Easy!)

    Simple Guide To Make Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails (REALLY EASY!)

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    Are you bored of wearing solid, monotone nail colours all the time? Wish to take your manicure game up? You have landed at the right place. Nails are a vital measurement of beauty and style. With a little style and spoon of creative energy, you can make your nails look ravishing and glamorous. 

    As the leaves are changing, so are our manicures styles and designs. Just because you’re bundling up doesn’t mean you have to skip out on doing your nails like a beautiful nail art. We’re obsessed with cute, stylish, and over-the-top nail designs that these new trends have to offer, and we feel you can recreate these on your own too. Whether you typically opt for monotone or need to buy the perfect jewel tone polish, we have all those and so much more.

    First, let’s look at the tools that you must-have for a professional nail art look…

    1. Nail Polish Correcting Pen

    Nail Polish Correcting Pen

    Image: Instagram

    Only pro nail artists can end up with flawless-looking nails, true or false? Well of course false. A Nail Polish Correcting Pen can give you Flawless Nails. The precision tip of a polish-erasing pen can help you erase all the smears and smudge around your nail for a professional finish. They douse it in polish remover, which helps to erase any mistakes along the sidewalls of your nails easily.

    2. Nail Art Brushes

    Nail Art Brushes

    Image: Instagram

    It makes all the difference when you use the best nail art brushes. wrong brushes won’t let you have the control that you need and you end up with fibres shedding from the brush which pokes and gets stuck to your nails. Nail art brushes are available to make various kinds of designs Ex. Rose Nail Art and Snowflake Nails.

    3. Acrylic Colours 

    Helps you paint unique designs and texture on your nails.

    4. Tweezers/Scissors


    Image: Instagram

    Keeping your nails neat before the nail art is an important part. So no wonder that nail scissors are the #1 product everyone should have in their Professional Nail Subscription Box or Nail Art kit.

    5. Top Coat And Base Coat

    Your natural nail oil prevents nail polish from sticking well. Topcoat is a thick coating you can use as a base coat because it’s thicker, it takes longer to dry. Whereas base coats have properties that can lock out the oil in your natural nails. For perfect finishing top coat and base coat plays an important role (Eg. Gradient Nails and Neon Yellow Nails)

    6. Stamping Kit

    Stamping Kit

    Image: Instagram

    Get a unique manicure at home without the hefty price tag of a salon visit, with a Nail stamping kit. They’re also considerably easy for beginners to use. Nail stamping kits have a good number of design options while providing the right tools to make nail art stamping applications easy and pretty.

    7. Nail Polish

    Nail Polish

    Image: Instagram

    You know this product well, a lacquer formula to paint the fingernail and toe nails, it protects the nail and to makes your nail look beautiful. 

    8. Loose Glitter/Confetti Glitter

    Loose Glitter/Confetti Glitter

    Image: Instagram

    Glitter and sparkles make nails look extra pretty and party-ready.

    9. Bullion Beads/Sprinkle Beads/Caviar Beads

    Bullion Beads/Sprinkle Beads/Caviar Beads

    Image: Instagram

    You can stick it to your nails like embellishment or for that extra 3d look.

    10. Striping Tapes

    Affix the Striping Tape onto the penultimate layer of your UV nail polish, gel or acrylic, and cut it to a demanded length.

    If you wish to be a cover girl, select any ‘glam style’ from our best five nail art designs and feel like there isn’t a soul as colourful as you!

    How to do Tiger Eye nails, Snowflake nails, and more.

    i) Gradient Nails

    Gradient Nails (How To Do Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails)

    Image: Instagram

    To make Gradient Nails, start by painting nails with the lightest shade, this coat doesn’t have to be perfect because most of it will be covered up by the gradient anyway. If you’re doing gradient nails using colours from different colour families  (Eg. sunset gradient) you should paint your nails white rather than the lightest shade to make the colours pop. Before you apply liquid latex on edges, let it dry. You can use any colours you want, apply it on a wet sponge, start dabbing the sponge on your first nail, move the sponge a bit up and down and from side to side to make sure you cover the entire nail and get a good blend and Finish your Gradient Nails with a matt topcoat.

    ii) Tiger Eye Nails (How To Do Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails)

    Tiger Eye Nails (How To Do Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails)

    Image: Instagram

    For Tiger Eye Nail Polish You are going to need a black gel polish a tiger eye magnet preferably one that has a round end and a rectangle end and then, of course, you’re going to need your cat-eye gel. Take the gel brush just dip it in there. Take the bigger side of the magnet and turn it diagonal, vertical or you can turn it completely horizontal, whatever you prefer. You will see how that cool Tiger Eye Nail effect shows up. 

    iii) Rose Nail Art

    Rose Nail Art

    Image: Instagram

    To make Rose Nail Art, it’s almost like drawing layers in a circle, big layers on the outside, smaller layers on the inside. It shouldn’t touch each other because they are supposed to overlap. Start drawing your layers in small circles and it will start to shape up like a rose. Make sure to overlap a bunch of little lines together to make it look like a rose and your Rose Nail Art is done.

    iv) Snowflake Nails (How To Do Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails)

    Snowflake Nails (How To Do Tiger Eye Nails and Snowflake Nails)

    Image: Instagram

    To make Snowflake Nails start with a base colour, use a striper brush and some white polish and just draw a straight white line down the centre of your nails, finish the line and do the same length stripe diagonally on both sides. Make a star shape, then take a much finer brush and draw snowflake dots around the star. do the same thing but a little bit closer and towards the centre of the star shape. Add branches on each star line to make your Snowflake Nails look Christmassy.

    v) Neon Yellow Nails

    Neon Yellow Nails

    Image: Instagram

    To achieve the Neon Yellow Nails we need three layers, first, apply one layer of clear base coat then to make your nails opaque apply two layers of white nail paint, and then the last layer of neon nail polish. Don’t forget to seal the Polish by painting the top of the tip to protect it from peeling off and cracking. To clean the edges use 100% pure acetone and an angled brush. Achieve a shiny nail finish by applying a clear gel nail polish as a topcoat.

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