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Tinted Moisturizer: Benefits & How is it Different From Foundation & BB Cream

    Tinted Moisturizer: Benefits & How is it Different From Foundation & BB Cream

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    Every day, we use a variety of creams and lotions.

    Interested in knowing which is the right one for you?

    Knowing the differences between products and their benefits is crucial to choose a product wisely for daily use.

    It is likely that you have used foundations and also BB cream. CC creams are now also available to us.

    BB creams may already be your favorite product for daily use and foundation for special occasions.

    But What is a Tinted Moisturizer

    It is relatively easy to find hybrid products that combine the best of skincare and makeup, a category that fuses aspects of BB creams, and CC creams.

    Among our favorites is a tinted moisturizer, which is a skincare and makeup hybrid that will suit pretty much anyone.

    Here you’ll find everything you need to know about tinted moisturizers and how it is different from BB creams and foundations.

    What is Tinted Moisturizer?

    The one thing that might be missing from your beauty regimen is tinted moisturizer.

    Tinted moisturizers can hydrate skin and leave it with a radiant, glowing appearance.

    It is a facial moisturizer that combines a slight skin tint with makeup pigments such as BB creams and foundations.

    Thus, the product serves as both makeup and moisturizer.

    Ingredients like iron oxides, titanium dioxide, humectants and many other antioxidants are included in this product.

    Nice, huh? Even better, This drugstore tinted moisturizer gives you these benefits for much less than you’d expect.


    The application of foundation is not so simple.

    A perfect application and coverage involve dabbing it on all over the face evenly.

    Using a tinted moisturizer offers the advantage of not needing to worry about the proper application.

    You just need to apply a small amount to your skin like any lotion or cream.

    Just decide on the tone that most closely resembles your skin.

    Furthermore, this product is ideal for dry to combination skinned women since it enhances oiliness in the skin.

    How to Use Tinted Moisturizers?

    Usually, people overcomplicate applying these moisturizers, since they are called “tinted”.

    But, It is quite easy to apply this moisturizer. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Cleanse your face well and then blot lightly with a towel. 
    2. Put a dime-sized drop of your favorite moisturizer on your palm, and massage it into damp skin, along with sunscreen(optional).
    3. Allow this to sink into your skin for a couple of minutes.
    4. Use a dry makeup sponge to dab it on the centers of your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. 
    5. Blend outwards (you can use your fingers as well) and you are done!

    When to Use Tinted Moisturizer?

    You can use a tinted moisturizer on days when you don’t require lots of coverage but still want to look polished & put together.

    Those who are into the no makeup, makeup look trend can get the look by using tinted moisturizer.

    Advantages: Why use a Tinted Moisturizer?

    • Ensures that your skin is moisturised and hydrated.
    • In comparison with s foundations and BB creams, it has a thinner consistency.
    • There are many shades to choose from, unlike BB creams.
    • Feels really lightweight on your skin.


    • Tinted moisturizers do not contain anti-aging or whitening properties.
    • Oily skinned women may not find it suitable.
    • Do not remain on the skin for a longer period and give less color to the skin.
    • Pricey.
    • This product provides very little protection from the sun and SPF ranges from 15 to 30 while the SPF provided by BB creams starts at 30.

    You can definitely try a tinted moisturizer if your skin is almost free of blemishes or has an even tone.

    If not, you may want to choose a BB cream.

    Teenagers and those in their early twenties are better off using tinted creams since their skin doesn’t require much more than this.

    BB creams contain a wide range of all-in-one properties that make them indispensable for daily use as one ages.

    9 Benefits of Tinted Moisturizers

    If you use a tinted moisturizer on a regular basis, the benefits are endless!

    A tinted moisturizer can be helpful not only for saving time but for making your skin look beautiful as well!

    You need to read all of the benefits of tinted moisturizers if you have never tried one, but you have been looking forward to it for a while.

    1. Moisture Protection

    A tinted moisturizer has the advantage of being a true moisturizer (besides saving you a ton of time of course!).

    As a moisturizing makeup, you can still allow your skin to breathe while still keeping it hydrated.

    It’s also suitable for any type of skin, whether it is oily, dry or sensitive. 

    If you have sensitive skin, tinted moisturizers won’t irritate your skin nor will they cause it to dry out.

    In a warm climate, they let your skin cool down, breathe, and naturally dry itself. 

    2. Protection from the sun

    A good tinted moisturiser provides hydration to your skin as well as SPF protection from the harsh sun rays.

    Many foundations do not actually protect you from the sun at all. Rather, they can just make your skin a little drier.

    Tinted moisturizers can offer benefits of both foundation and a moisturizer, plus they also offer sun protection. 

    3. Time Saver

    Tinted moisturizers save a lot of time, which is why they are so popular.

    Tinted moisturizers can help you save the time you would normally spend applying moisturizer, waiting for it to dry, and then applying foundation.

    You’re saving time by doing two things at the same time! What a great bonus!

    4. Enhances the natural look

    Gone are those days when women covered their skin in thick cream, and their skin began beneath several layers.

    We live in an era in which we appreciate natural beauty. Freckles and face marks are in fashion.

    And how hard is it to not get the caked-on look when applying a foundation?

    When it comes to tinted moisturizers, that isn’t an option. 

    You will create a far more natural look by using tinted moisturizer and your skin will look smooth and flawless

    5. Youthful Skin 

    It is true that you can have healthy, youthful-looking skin with tinted moisturizers.

    It’s amazing that you can do that with makeup.

    As tinted moisturizers contain an array of ingredients that improve the appearance of your skin, you can use them more often than you might think!

    6. Simple Application

    It is just like any other moisturizer.

    Its application is really easy.

    Simply rub a little on your hands and then apply it on your face.

    7. Many Shades

    Using the wrong foundation and BB cream shade is one of the most significant makeup mistakes.

    There is a limited range of shade choices, so you have to decide between them.

    Despite being the closest, the shade does not exactly match.

    Alternatively, tinted moisturizer comes in a variety of shades, so you can easily pick one that fits your needs.

    8. Perfect for summer

    In the summer, when the weather is particularly hot and humid, you will love using tinted moisturizers as they are not too heavy on the skin.

    Throw a tinted moisturizer in your makeup bag and you are good to go!

    9. Easy & Light Coverage

    There’s nothing as easy as gliding this product on your cheeks, chin, and forehead and feeling like it covers you perfectly.

    This is both light and airy!

    So we suggest you go with tinted moisturizer if you want to lighten up on your foundation and choose a skin-friendly option.

    Are BB Creams And Tinted Moisturizers the Same?

    You may be wondering if tinted moisturizer and BB cream are the same since we have mentioned both frequently in this article itself.

    Clearly, no. BBB creams, also known as beauty balms, are liquid makeup products that are used as make-up primers and provide a range of skincare properties like sun protection, hydration, and shine control.

    Meanwhile, tinted moisturizers have a similar purpose, but primarily they act as a moisturizer and provide a bit of coverage.

    A BB cream is more like a mix between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation in terms of coverage.

    A tinted moisturizer typically contains a lighter formula than a BB cream.

    Foundation And Tinted Moisturizer: What’s The Difference?

    One important difference between the tinted moisturizer and the foundation is that titanium oxide is just about 3% in the former and anywhere from 14 to 15% in the latter.

    The color is delivered by this ingredient to the skin.

    Foundation and tinted moisturiser differ primarily in terms of how much coverage they provide.

    A foundation will probably be your best option if you need coverage and color.

    Due to its high pigment content, it has an advantage over tinted moisturizers.

    In addition, it covers blemishes, fine lines and pimples.

    However, if you just want a moisturized finish with a touch of color then we’d recommend using a lighter base of a tinted moisturizer.

    This low pigment formula won’t conceal imperfections, but it will give the skin a healthy glow and hydrate it well.

    It is because of their lightweight finish that they are so popular during the summer and when going on vacations! 

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