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11 Types Of Lips: What They Say About You & Make Up Tips

    11 Types Of Lips What They Say About You & Make Up Tips

    A person’s lips determine the aesthetics of their face. What you do to your lips can have an impact on how they look. The way you smile, frown and move your lips clearly communicates your emotions to others. Don’t you think so? Every types of lips are beautiful in their own way.

    Even though your lips are determined by your genetics, after applying the right makeup and care, they can be enhanced. If you want to make the shape of your lips appear more attractive, you can also undergo a surgical procedure.

    This article explains what are the different types of lips, what do they tell about your personality, how to do make-up for each type of lips, and what shade to choose. Continue reading!

    About Your lips and Its Shape

    A lot can be gleaned from the shape of your lips. It can help you identify your personality traits and figure out a great deal about your character.

    It is believed that there are different types of lips according to morphopsychology and that there has been continuous research into the relationship between mental attributes and the physical attributes of people.

    While the results of these studies are surprising, there is no scientific backing associated with them. Thus, we found a way to show you 11 different lip shapes and what they can tell you about your personality.

    Lip Shapes Chart

    Lip Shapes Chart

    11 Different Types of Lip Shapes in Women and How to Enhance Them

    1. Heart Shaped Lips

    Heart Shaped Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Makeup lovers are fascinated by heart-shaped lips. A well-defined Cupid’s bow marks Taylor Swift as being known for its romantic lip shape. Those with a prominent Cupid’s bow and full lower lips can be strong-willed, independent, and determined.

    A pronounced dip in the middle is visible on the upper lip. The lower lip may also be heavier. They are also incredibly glamorous and passionate about their work. Positive energy, creativity, and cleverness characterize this personality type.

    Also typical of these women is their quick wit. It gives the impression that the person is smiling even if they are serious because of the shape of their lips.

    Makeup Tips For Heart Shaped Lips

    • To help enhance the appearance of heart-shaped lips, use a white pencil in the centre of the lips or a nude shadow to make the lips appear fuller.

    2. Thin Lips or Slim Lips

    Thin Lips or Slim Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    One of the different types of lips is slim lips, which have a slightly elongated shape in general. Typically, these people have a tight mouth shape and their face shape blends into their mouth shape. It often appears that these lips are stylized and rigid.

    Perfectionists tend to have these types of lips. A person with thin lips is resilient and determined. Despite the fact that they are prone to many problems, they are able to handle them perfectly.

    They can be ruthless in their pursuit of success and like to be in control of situations.

    Makeup Tips For Thin Lips

    • Both the upper and lower lip of thin lips have a lesser amount of space and dimension. 
    • Using a pencil overline and smudging the edges to blend with your lip shape is the best way to apply lip makeup to thin lips. 
    • It is possible to create fuller lips by applying matte as well as liquid lip colours. 
    • You can make the appearance of the lower lip look plumper by choosing a lighter shade. 
    • You can also boost the lip’s plumpness by dabbing some gloss in the middle of both the upper and lower lip.

    3. Round Lips

    Round Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Many women have lips that are almost circular in shape. Lips with this shape lack a cupid’s bow and are prominently round.

    Their traits include charisma and adventure. Self-assured and comfortable taking risks, they usually don’t shrink back from taking risks. As a result, they can either attain great success or fail miserably.

    Makeup Tips For Round Lips

    • Lipsticks and tints with shimmer, glossy, and frosted textures look great on these lips. 
    • Keep away from darker shades, which can make them appear even smaller. Brighter undertones will bring out their best features.

    4. Wide Lips

    Wide Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Your wide lips are evident if you have ever been praised for your “ear-to-ear” smile. Wider-set lips tend to dominate your facial features whenever you smile, dominating your appearance. In those with wide lips, the lower portion of their face is mostly covered by lips.

    Women with such wide mouths are natural extroverts because their mouths are both long and wide. They are usually friendly and sometimes rebellious as well.

    Perfection and leadership is a quality of such women. Learning new things and striving for perfection is what drives them. These people are also naturally talented, along with these other qualities.

    Makeup Tips For Wide Lips

    • Make your lips appear bigger by overlining them with lip makeup to balance out the width. 
    • Another option would be just to overline the lower lip. This will add weight to your mouth. 
    • They’ll remain chic and not too distracting in nude shades with soft, matte textures. 
    • Alternatively, you could choose to highlight other features of the face, such as a smokey eye or flushed cheeks, as a counterbalance to the lips.

    5. Average Lips/ Medium Lips

    Average Lips/ Medium Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Lips with these characteristics are neither too thick nor too thin, nor do they have a prominent Cupid’s bow.  These lips are also considered to be among the best.

    They are very level headed and do not put much pressure on themselves. Their approach is also very rational, and they are considerate and excellent life partners.

    They crave attention and connection but tend not to seek drama in a relationship. Women with goldilocks lips are reliable because they are emotionally stable. 

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    6. Top-Heavy Lips

    Top-Heavy Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Lips of this type are generally heavier at the top and don’t have a prominent cupid’s bow. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has become well-known for this top-heavy pout.

    It is important to balance out the weight distribution as much as possible with top-heavy lips. The following tips should help: This type of lips are common among Indian women.

    Makeup Tips For Top-Heavy Lips

    • If you wish to avoid overdrawing your lips, you should begin at the center of your upper lip and follow the natural lip shape.
    • The top lip and the bottom lip should have different shades of lipstick; brighter on the bottom, slightly darker on top. Your lips will appear balanced and proportioned at the same time.
    • It is also possible to add a bit of white eyeshadow or pencil to the centre of the lower lip if you do not wish to apply different lips shades.
    • It’s also easy to draw an outline of the upper lip just below your natural lip shape and then fill in the outline.

    7. Bottom-Heavy lips

    Bottom-Heavy lips

    Image:  Instagram

    While Kylie Jenner has perfected the art of flawless makeup application, her natural lips have a much more adorable bottom-heavy appearance that we absolutely adore.

    Although Kylie herself makes the upper lip look bigger to balance the pout, there are also some ways to make the bottom lips appear more pronounced.

    Makeup Tips For Bottom-Heavy Lips

    • Adding fullness to the upper lip can be achieved with some creamy nude eyeshadow, or you can blend the lip line of the lower lip with your complexion by gently blurring it.
    • If you don’t want your mouth to look as if it was stung by a bee, stay away from gloss!

    8. Fuller Lips

    Fuller Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Naturally full lips do exist, and Rihanna and Angelina Jolie have them. In this lip shape, the top and bottom lips are well-balanced, with the bottom lip usually sticking out prominently.

    If you follow Rihanna’s lead, you can either make your lips the focal point of your makeup look with bold matte lipstick and lip liner or balance them out with subtle pinks.

    It is not surprising that plum lips are the most desired lip shape, despite the many different lip types. Both the top and bottom of these lips are naturally plump. Generally, they are characterized by impressive parenting instincts and an empathetic personality.

    Selfless and caring people have these lips. Those around them are always protected and safeguarded by them.

    They tend to have a small and tight circle of friends, and they choose their relationships and friends carefully. Friends and relationships are of utmost importance to them.

    Makeup Tips For Full Lips

    • The fullness of your lips can often be distracting, so try to emphasize your other facial features to balance them out. 
    • You can tone them down with flushed cheeks or draw more attention to your eyes with OTT eye makeup. 
    • Blend the lips with the rest of your face with the nude shades closest to your complexion.

    9. Thick Lips

    Thick Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Among the many types of lips, this is yet another type that shows an exceptionally empathic individual. Lips that are thick contribute to the appearance of bulky lips and make the mouth stand out in a face. 

    These people tend to be very protective as well, along with having these beautiful lips. The majority of them are also physically attractive and are very confident.

    It is a common belief in culture and society that thick lips are innately attractive and beautiful.

    10. Small Lips

    Small Lips

    Image:  Instagram

    Lips like these tend to be full and prominent, but are not very large in size.

    Makeup Tips For Small Lips

    • Make your lips appear fuller by applying glossy lip formulas.
    • Try to avoid dark shades as much as possible since they tend to make your lips appear smaller.
    • For smaller lips, soft shades work best.
    • You can enhance the thickness and fullness of your lips with lighter glossy pinks. 

    11. Different Top and Bottom Lip

    Different Top and Bottom Lip

    Image:  Instagram

    Individuals with either a thicker or thinner top or bottom are more courageous and curious. Lips of this type are very native and are not common among many people. Originals and uninhibited people make up this group.

    These types of lips tend to indicate someone who is not afraid of the unknown and is bold. They are often the ones who place too much trust in others and experience problems because of it. Their love of independence and experimentation is endless.

    Featured Image: Freepik

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