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Know Everything About Vegetal Hair Dyes [Application, Side Effects & Why to Use It]

    Know Everything About Vegetal Hair Dyes [Application, Side Effects & Why to Use It]

    If you are just 25 and wondering why you have gray hair issues? Well, It’s certainly possible!

    Hair graying is a result of various factors, including genetics.

    Once you see those grey strands, no matter the reason, your entire world turns upside down!

    Your research for causes and treatments has ensured that you have not missed anything on your quest to find a cure.

    You can hide your grey hair through dying, as it is the easiest and most convenient way to do so.

    To dye your hair without worrying about side effects, you can choose from a number of chemicals, natural, and vegetal hair dyes. Since the last few years, vegetal hair dyes have become increasingly popular.

    The use of natural hair dyes, such as vegetal hair dyes, is usually easier on the wallet as well as the hair.

    There are many shades to choose from, and there are no side effects.

    A plant-based vegetal hair dye can give you the same color results as conventional hair dyes while being chemical-free.

    They are environmentally friendly and produced in a way that respects our wildlife.

    Types of Hair Dyes

    Today, hair dyes can be classified into many different categories.

    No matter what hair dye you choose – permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary – they all keep you looking young!

    Vegetal Hair Dyes:

    These are temporary hair dyes. There’s no denying that they are in style today, and for very good reasons.

    Mostly derived from plant extracts, vegetal hair dyes are extremely safe to use.

    It is not uncommon to see temporary hair dyes lasting only a brief period of time on the hair, but they are easy to use for touch-ups whenever you need them without causing allergies.

    It does not have any side effects, which means that you can use it whenever you want on your hair.

    Natural extracts are used to create this hair dye. Although the color lasts for a week or two, it fades.

    If you are dedicated to maintaining and conditioning your hair regularly, this will suit you.

    In addition, you won’t have to worry about the color running or fading, because you can condition and treat your hair as you like.

    Regularly color your hair with vegetal hair dyes to keep it shiny and healthy.

    Permanent Hair Dyes

    In our definition of permanent, we don’t necessarily mean they’ll last your entire life!

    This just means that the color of your hair will last longer (approx. six months) if you use a permanent hair dye.

    It is also expected that the dye color will fade as the hair grows. To get that professional touch, you should visit a salon for permanent hair dye.

    However, a lot of chemicals are present in permanent hair color cosmetics, and they can damage your scalp.

    The more sensitive your skin and hair are, the more likely your hair will be damaged. Permanent hair coloring has the advantage of being long-lasting, but on the other hand, your scalp health suffers!

    You can expect itching, burning, and many other side effects when dyeing your hair permanently.

    Semi-permanent Hair Dyes

    Unlike permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes last only for a short period of time.

    Within 3 to 6 weeks after using them, you will need to dye your hair again.

    Your hair’s longevity is also affected by how often you wash it. Hair dyes that are semi-permanent are mostly made of natural ingredients.

    Besides coloring your hair, they nourish it as well. There is, however, the downside of having to color your hair quite often.

    So, Is it worth investing in semi-permanent dyes?

    Yes, as there are no side effects; but prepare yourself to return to the salon frequently!

    What Is A Vegetal Hair Dye?

    You can tell from the name! Vegetal hair dyes are made from extracts of vegetables.

    We consume a variety of vegetables every day that are colorful. There are several extracts of these vegetables that are used to make hair dye.

    Vegetal hair dyes have several benefits. As an example, they color your hair while also nourishing it.

    This keeps your scalp moist, gets rid of dandruff, and makes your hair shine.

    The hair follicles are strengthened as they absorb more readily.

    Vegetal hair dyes keep your hair soft and bouncy.

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    Vegetal Hair Dye Color Options

    The world of natural hair dyes has a lot to offer if you believe that it comes in monotone blacks and browns. 

    There are many exciting color options when it comes to vegetal hair dyes.

    The shades on offer will certainly leave you surprised! Below are a few of the shades available in vegetal hair dyes:

    • Violet
    • Light blonde
    • Henna red
    • Plum
    • Deep orange
    • Crimson
    • Mahogany blonde

    How to Choose the Best Vegetal Hair Dye?

    Vegetal Bio Color is a brand that has become very successful.

    We strongly suggest you try it. This brand offers a range of colors from red to black and is perfect for those of you who suffer from sensitive skin or scalp.

    One application will restore shine and luster to your damaged hair!

    Put an end to gray hair fears by coloring your hair with vegetal hair dyes!


    All hair types can be dyed with this 100% natural hair color.

    This is especially recommended for people with sensitive scalps. 

    In addition to its colouring properties, it is also useful for controlling dandruff, increasing hair growth and reducing the chances of grey hair.

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    Usually, this is applied in the same way as any other color.

    Using a brush or your fingers, apply the paste directly to the hair after mixing the bag with water and letting it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

    For protection against staining, always wear the gloves provided with the package.

    You need to leave Vegetal Bio Colour on the hair for about an hour, then wash it with normal water.

    You should keep washing until you see no colour in the water draining from your hair.

    To get the better colour we recommend using the Shampoo the hair next day along with conditioner( provided).

    If you have a lot of grey or white hair you will see the results mainly after 2 applications.

    It is suitable for coloured or henna applied hair.

    Side effects

    You will not experience any side effects since this product is chemical-free.

    However, patch testing is still recommended to make sure.

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