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Learn Window Cleaning Like the Pros | Tools for Window Cleaning

    Learn Window Cleaning Like the Pros | Window Cleaning DIY

    On Sunday morning watching outside the window while doing nothing feels so relaxing until you see dirt and stain on your glass window. Whether you do it yourself or take help from Window Cleaning Services, it’s important and you have to do it. Especially if you live near a roadway or construction site, you may have to clean windows every single week. Because Overspray from salting roads or spray paint can be tough to remove and it can damage your glass if not cleaned properly.

    You can hire a Professional for crystal clear Window Cleaning. But Professional Window Cleaning services can be expensive. That’s why we have brought you this amazing Window Cleaning article with inexpensive cleaning solutions and tools that gives you zero smudge and streak-free finish.

    How to make Window cleaner (DIY)?

    Learn Window Cleaning Like the Pros | Window Cleaning DIY

    Image: Crystal de Passillé-Chabot on Unsplash

    Glass cleaners are really expensive and a recurring expense that’s why we have brought a permanent fix for it. You can easily make glass cleaners at home because all the ingredients are already there at your house. Store glass cleaners have harmful chemicals that are dangerous for a newborn. Once you start using a Homemade glass Cleaner, you can avoid a ride to your local grocery store and save a lot of money. So here are ingredients to make homemade window cleaner,

    • ½ lemon juice
    • ½ Vinegar 
    • ¼ water

    Mix the ingredients in the spray bottle. Vinegar will kill the germs and lemon is used for a fresh fragrance. You can also put lemon peel in a jar with vinegar to soak for one day. This makes an amazing glass cleaner for windows.

    • ¼ cup dishwasher
    • 1 cup water (distilled water preferable)
    • Two tablespoons of lemon
    • 1 tablespoon vinegar

    This solution is ideal for cleaning tinted windows. Since this cleaning solution forms lather. Lemon Gives an amazing fresh fragrance. If you like rose fragrance, you can use rose water instead of lemon. 

    To make a commercial Window Cleaning Solution you will need

    • 100 ml white vinegar
    • 250ml Distilled water 
    • 50 ml dish soap
    • 100ml rubbing alcohol
    • 5ml fragrance
    • 5ml blue food color

    Mix all these ingredients in a spray bottle and you can sell it commercially as well, by putting your brand sticker on the spray bottle.

    How to clean a vinyl window?

    To make vinyl window cleaner use the best suitable mix from the above-given Window Cleaning solutions and spritz it on your vinyl windows until satisfied. Let the solution sit for a few minutes to work well. Then, take a scrubbing brush with soft bristles to loosen any debris. Finally, wipe it off with a soft cloth; use a microfiber cloth or perhaps your old rag, whatever works for you. The frame should immediately change from muddy to shining and clean. The vinegar and water solution is the simplest, easiest vinyl window cleaner you’ll use on your vinyl windows. If you are doing any house cleaning projects, you must have a large bottle of vinegar readily available already, so that it saves your visit to the store.

    Window Cleaning Supplies

    Below given Window Cleaning supplies are helpful when you have a big house with a fair amount of windows or for houses that are near construction sites:

    Squeegees Squeegees give windows a perfect, streak-free, dry, and clear Window Cleaning. With the use of the ‘S’ cleaning technique, you can achieve spotless Window Cleaning in minutes.
    Extension Poles Window Cleaning Extension Poles let you reach High windows. Most houses don’t have ladders at their house therefore extension poles are really useful and easy to handle. Extension poles are usually very lightweight carbon fiber or aluminium.
    T-Bars and Sleeves Extension poles with ergonomic grips, easy locking mechanisms, and replaceable tips are best and efficient.
    Scrapers T-Bar sends your cleaning solution to the window surface. It comprises the sleeve, mop, and wand itself. You get a variety of sleeves to do various jobs. T-Bars microfiber sleeves are the most common one, which carries good amounts of water and it features scrub pads on the ends for stain removal. bronze wool attachments are for tougher grime off. T-Bars and Sleeves are not for cleaning tinted windows.
    Solution and Buckets For really heavy grimes on the window, keep a scraper handy. It includes a holster that attaches to your belt and you can whip it out when needed.

    For a cost-efficient solution, you use the ingredients given above, it works just the same. In terms of buckets, you may have one at home already if not then grab some inexpensive ones from any local store. Get a rectangular bucket so that you can fit your equipment as well as your widest T-bar.

    Pressure washer window cleaner

    With so many ads for pressure washing, it is easy to see why people are renting these pressure washing units. But, renting a pressure washer may not be a seemingly simple task, there is more to pressure washing than meets the eye.

    • While using a pressure washer if you use A PSI of over 2,000 then you may damage your window’
    • Holding the pressure washer window cleaner on one spot at the wrong angle weakens the glass and causes breakage.
    • Direct 90-degree angle spray puts too much pressure on the glass, the nozzle should be at a 45-degree angle for crystal clean Window Cleaning.

    Why you should avoid buying a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

    Are magnetic window cleaners ideal for Window Cleaning? You should definitely not include magnetic cleaner in your Window Cleaning kit, here is why..

    • If you put the two parts of the magnet window cleaners together in the bucket, then they will stick to each other, and forcing them apart may break them. 
    • Strings given on the magnetic window cleaners are not always desired size.
    • Magnetic Window Cleaner does not glide in less soapy water, so it may cause frustration. In addition, it will come off because of the lack of cohesion.
    • A double glazed magnetic window cleaner model will break your window glass if used on a single one! Because the double glazed model has stronger magnets. Windows are not as strong and won’t work as well (or at all) through two sets of glass.
    • If the rubber is bent or damaged, then you won’t be able to clean properly. It will just leave some parts of your windows untouched, leaving dirt and soap behind. Nobody wants that.
    • Magnetic window cleaners can eat up a lot of your time rather than saving it. Because you have to catch up with each magnet and turning sides on corner edges can take really long to clean.

    Hence, Magnetic Window Cleaners are not the best Window Cleaning tools to buy.

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    Window Cleaning Services

    In case you are looking for professional Window Cleaning for corporate or large houses, the below-given companies are most searched by customers. They are the best Window Cleaning companies in the USA. For high-rise, Window Cleaning commercial services are more helpful.

    1. Sparkle Window Cleaning
    2. Fish Window Cleaning
    3. Crystal clear Window Cleaning
    4. Sunshine Window Cleaning
    5. Clearview Window Cleaning

    We don’t have first-hand reviews for the above-given companies. Although, they are most searched and they have good online reviews. Above given companies have Contactless payments, their employees are following Social distancing, Staff wears masks while cleaning, Contactless payments, and they have regular temperature checks at the company.

    How to do Window Cleaning

    Learn Window Cleaning Like the Pros | Window Cleaning DIY

    Image: CDC on Unsplash

    1. The first thing is you’re going to have two towels, one is going to be a wet towel and one is going to be a dry towel. Your dry towel is to wipe off the moisture accumulated on the window.
    2. Get rid of the cobwebs first, it’s called whisking the window. Make sure that everything is nice and clean and all cobwebs are gone.
    3. Take your strip washer and check for areas that need extra strobing scrubbing and use the edges. Push the strip on the surface if you find anything that needs to be scrubbed. If it doesn’t come off, then use a paint scraper and push it up only halfway through, so the blade doesn’t break and scratch. while scraping, always remember to never scrape a dry window.
    4. Start washing the window with big borders around the window. Ensure to get all the cracks in the corners and again give it a good wash. Use your squeegee in ’S’ shape to clean well.
    5. Once that’s done, then wipe off and take a damp or wet towel. Wrap it around your finger so you just get a little bit of the towel to clean the residue left by a squeegee.
    6. Use the light of the Sun to make sure there are no streaks and that you haven’t missed anything. That’s how you do Window Cleaning like a pro.

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